Marvelously Kitschy Folded Magazine Christmas Tree

Is it a kids craft? Is it the epitome of crafty kitschmas? Or is it a little bit of both?  You may have learned how to make a folded magazine tree in kindergarten, but it is the DIY holiday gift that keeps on giving.  Especially once you are old enough to hit it with a coat of spray paint!

Folded magazine kitschmas tree in teal

Magazine Christmas trees are EASY to make, cheap and they involve recycling as an added bonus.  Put the kids to work folding and leave the spray painting to the adults.  Honestly, they look kinda cute without paint too.  You can use tall ones, shorter ones of just normal size and make an entire magazine Christmas tree forest.

Paper Christmas tree made from a folded magazine

Craft a Yourself a Christmas Forest With These DIY Magazine Trees and More Ideas!

I’m a big fan of crafty table top trees.  Not all of your Christmas trees have to be 7ft tall.  Make some that are mini like these magazine kitschmas trees.  Here are a few more of my favorite DIY Christmas tree ideas.

Wildly Technicolor Tabletop Christmas Trees – These folded magazine trees were originally part of a roundup over on DIY Network.  If you thought these teal trees were colorful, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

DIY Yarn Pompom Christmas Tree – As always – everything is better with pompoms.  DIY tabletop Christmas trees are no exception to this hard and fast rule.

Recycled Sweater Christmas Trees – I love using old sweaters for DIY holiday projects, these mini tabletop sweater trees are a perfect example of why!

See what I mean – a forest of mini DIY Christmas trees are the way to go.  Mix and match sizes and mediums for the crafty woodland wonderland of your dreams.

OK onto the DIY…

Folded Magazine Christmas Tree Supplies

  • Old Magazines
  • Spray Paint
  • Glitter

Honestly, the paint and glitter part are optional.

DIY magazine Christmas tree with folded pages

Fold the Magazine Pages

One page at a time fold the magazine pages in starting with the top corner and crease.  Continue this pattern until every page has been folded and the tree begins to take shape.  You may need to add a bit of glue to the first and last pages, but once you get started the pages should stay on their own.

Etagere full of teal Christmas decorations

Paint Your Folded Magazine Tree

This part is optional, but who does not like a teal blue Christmas tree.  Gently coat the magazine tree with spray paint.  While the paint is still wet sprinkle glitter for snow.  A pompom is also a nice touch.

P.S. Want to know more about all the fun DIY holiday crafts in these pictures?  Pop over to HGTV and check out my post 10 Fun Hanukkah and Winter Crafts for Kids.

DIY folded magazine in the shape of a Christmas tree

Whoop there it is – your new favorite Christmas craft a DIY folded magazine Christmas tree.  Maybe it was already your favorite.  I always loved making these trees as a kid, next maybe I’ll show how to make a macaroni wreath.


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