Flaming Tiki Cocktail Garnishes and Vinyl Record Bracelets – This Week on Craft Lab and Stylelicious

Tomorrow begins another week of Craft Lab episodes on the DIY Network. This week has a running book theme for me. First because Matt author of Pad Parties is my guest on an episode. Second because Michael deMeng and Josie Cirincione are also guests and both of them have books out through the same company (North Light Publications) that is releasing Naughty Secretary Club: Jewelry for the Working Girl. It just seemed like a lot of book connections in this week’s episodes. So anywhoodle here is the rundown…

First of all don’t forget you can see Craft Lab in the wee hours of the morn on HGTV if you wanna set your DVR. Tomorrow morning one my friend Alyson Udell and I whip up some Ceramic Bisque magic. Alyson works for Duncan, one of my very favorite Stitch sponsors so I am super excited to get to see her on Nov 10th here in Austin in their super fun make and take booth!

Ok back to DIY Network Craft Lab….

MONDAY: As mentioned Matt Maranian shows how to make a Light Up Punch Bowl, but not only that for all you Tiki people out there we also learn how to make Garish Cocktail Garnishes that light on fire!

TUESDAY: My friend Josie Cirincione stops by and creates a one-of-a-kind story-box collage, using vintage images and memorabilia. I remember the day we filmed this all the network executives from DIY and HGTV were there watching me and it was just a little bit stressful.

WEDNESDAY: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! DIY decided to show not one, but two episodes of Craft Lab today to celebrate. First up learn all about the Day of the Dead with Kathy Cano Murllio and me. Later at At 3pm Central you can catch Jenny Harada and I whipping up a scary foam monster mask.

THURSDAY: The adorable Jon Fong and I make a spider and a bunny completely out of flowers. Seriously cute stuff. Also remember when I told you sometimes the crafters were crafty peeps you would know, well keep an eye peeled for Krissy of Bigger Krissy fame helping out in flower land.

FRIDAY: Guest Michael deMeng teaches Polaroid art. He uses Polaroid photos as the basis for building a project with multiple techniques of washes over a textured base, resulting in an elaborate antiquing finish. I just copy and pasted what was on the DIY Network page about the episode because really there is no other way to describe it.

Let us not forget Stylelicious also on the DIY Network on Tuesday and Thursday. I really wish that DIY would pick this show back up. If we knew then, what we know now about TV I would demand that show be shot a different way. If we look a little stressed and a bit like deer in the headlights, it’s because we were.

This week it is all about the bracelet for me on Stylelicious. Tuesday the episode is called All in the Wrist and I am going to show you how to whip yourself up a bracelet from a vinyl record. I need to start selling these again they were a big hit for me. Thursday’s episode is called That’s Unusual and it is a Perkins family bonanza as I make a Tooth Brush Bracelet, my sister Hope is whips up a purse out of a glove and my mom Fredda stops by to cook records at my house and make them into record bowl purses. Apparently I inherited my urge to cook records from my mother.

So that should be enough crafty TV to last you this week. Remember if you love the shows and want to see more write DIY and HGTV and let em know.

5 Responses to “Flaming Tiki Cocktail Garnishes and Vinyl Record Bracelets – This Week on Craft Lab and Stylelicious”

  1. Robin Beam

    Miss Jen! Thanks so much for the Heads Up re: Craft Lab…I don’t get DIY so I’ve done my search and DVR’d it for anytime!

    Also, Josie Cirincione-she’s awesomely talented!

    Inky Hugs, Robin

  2. Dave Lowe

    HEY! Lookit, that’s my computer in the top picture…the one I’m looking at Jen’s blog now and writing this comment on. Jen, get super famous so I can auction it off and make lot’s of money!
    Man, I hate that crafts sign. Above all the good ideas I gave the network, why did they pick that one?

  3. Crafty Chica

    hey, i love that crafts sign!!! anyhoo – i vended at a day of the dead festival this weekend and sooooo many people told me they have seen the shows, all super positive responses, they love you so much!!


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