Fisher-Price Fun – A Peeksie at my Collection

Of all my collections (and there many) I think my vintage Fisher Price Toys might be my favorite. I have the collection spread out between two rooms to spread the joy. Half is in my living room and the other half is displayed on the shelves in the nursery. There is something about this nostalgic collection that makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. Probably all the fond childhood memories. I have of course been buying my kidlets all the re-issues of the vintage toys so they can have some fond memories of their own. Here is a peek at my ever growing stash of goodies.

Lot’s of lucky people have their own original Fisher Price toys, I am not one of them. I have one clock radio that was recently discovered in a closet at my parents house. At first I just started picking up the toys that I remembered having as a child, but quickly my addiction spread beyond that. Now I just pick them up if they are cheap and “call my name”. I have scored most of my pieces at various flea markets and a there are a few thrift store finds. I have to admit that somehow eBay seems like cheating. Sure they have great things, but it is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel and takes some of the fun out of it for me.

I feel so cruel every time Tallulah asks to play with one of my toys and I have to say “no those are mommy’s toys, you have your own toys”. Plus did you know vintage Little People are now considered choking hazards. Yup, they fit through a tube of toilet paper. I don’t have any of the original people anyway. Actually, I only have 3 Little People pieces: The Barn, Merry-Go-Round and Boat. Those Little People, when you can find them, are pricey.

It’s a slippery slope when you collect vintage toys. I had a strict Fisher-Price only policy until I saw this groovy Mattel See and Say at a thrift store and it just seemed so wrong to leave it there. Plus it was only 99 cents and it fits in with the rest of the gang so perfectly.

My very first Fisher-Price toy was actually an art piece my younger sister Hope Perkins painted. She opened up a Fisher-Price TV and painted Easy E and Notorious B.I.G. on the scroll. Bad boy still works when you turn the dial it has just been improved. I guess I should blame Hope for my addiction.

It saddens me that I am going to miss the spring Round Top flea market, that is where I always score the most toys. Alas, there is always the fall show

Any Fisher-Price lovers reading this? Where did you score your favorite pieces? Do you have your original childhood Fisher-Price? Been buying your kiddos (or yourself) the re-issues?

8 Responses to “Fisher-Price Fun – A Peeksie at my Collection”

  1. Jenny

    I can so identify with the mommy's toys comment! My mom saved all of our old Little People sets and I display the '76 castle and Sesame Street clubhouse in my daughter's room. She can play with the clubhouse, but the castle is all mommy's!

  2. Cindy Cooksey

    Now I wish I'd saved all my kids' Fisher Price toys. Who could have guessed that Little People would one day be valuable yet deadly?!

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Cindy – they say everything is a chocking hazard these days. Seems like my kids would have a mighty hard time getting one of those suckers down. However, they cost so much when I find them I wouldn't let em play with them either way 🙂

    Jenny I have a couple I let Tallulah play with, but like you there are certain ones that are all mine 🙂

    who says you need a kid to buy

  4. k.rowe

    When I was a teenager I told my mom to save all my Little People stuff (thinking ahead!) I've always had a dream of having the setups displayed around my house! She saved them all for me… But now I have a son, and it seems unfair not to let him enjoy them as much as I did! I have tons of Little People, the castle, airport, A-frame, boat, camper, etc!! I am constantly making paintings and

  5. k.rowe

    I forgot to mention that when my son plays with these toys, I make sure to remind him that they are really mine and not his, so he'd better not wreck them. LOL 😉


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