Festive Fall Plants and Pumpkins

Pumpkins make great planters.  Plastic or real, tabletop or hanging—almost any pumpkin can easily be converted into a gorgeous seasonal planter.


Recently, I decided I needed some fresh fall hanging baskets for my patio. A faux pumpkin worked wonderfully as a hanging basket.


The nice thing about using foam pumpkins is they won’t rot. All you have to do is remove the top with a craft knife; they are already hollow. Fill them with dirt and plants.

Fun fall table setting for Friendsgiving by Jennifer Perkins

Live plants and flowers always had a chic touch to a party or decor. Save yourself the trouble of handcrafting an arrangement and buy one ready-made, like these succulents I found. Plant the arrangement inside a live or faux pumpkin for a quick and easy centerpiece.


Chrysanthemums are a dime a dozen in the fall—even the grocery store has them for sale. There is nothing easier than sticking a cheap pot of mums inside a plastic jack-o-lantern.


Hit the thrift stores and see if you can find some jacks with different style faces and maybe even some in different sizes. I pride myself on my selection of plastic jack-o-lanterns.


The more pumpkins the merrier, I always say. Same goes for making a fall table arrangement. Use one pumpkin carved hollow as your vase, then surround the bouquet with smaller pumpkins. Throw in a few heirloom pumpkins as well for added dimension. (Photo by Jennifer Ramos)

Plants in pumpkins are easy, cute, festive and a lot cheaper than a Waterford crystal vase.



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