Fall Plants and Pumpkin Planter Inspiration For Indoors and Out

Pumpkins make great planters.  Plastic or real, tabletop or hanging—almost any pumpkin can easily be converted into a gorgeous seasonal planter.  Added bonus: these fall plants and pumpkins start as a Halloween decoration but easily translates into fall decor or even a Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

fall porch with afghans and pumpkins

Halloween Porch Decor With Fall Plants and Pumpkins

Recently, I decided I needed some fresh fall hanging baskets for my patio. A faux pumpkin worked wonderfully as a hanging basket.  Pair this with my ever-growing collection of thrifted afghans and my porch is Halloween ready and with a few small tweaks will work all fall long.

Try making your own DIY Halloween throw pillows to really make those pumpkins pop.

Hanging pumpkin planter on a fall porch

Try a Hanging Pumpkin Planter

The nice thing about using foam pumpkins is they won’t rot. All you have to do is remove the top with a craft knife; they are already hollow. Fill them with dirt and plants and hang.

Bring even more green to Halloween with this round-up of DIY Macrame Hanging Pumpkin Planters.

Fun fall table setting for Friendsgiving by Jennifer Perkins

Thanksgiving Tables With Fall Plants and Pumpkin Centerpieces

Live plants and flowers always add a chic touch to a party or decor. Save yourself the trouble of handcrafting an arrangement and buy one ready-made, like these succulents I found. Plant the arrangement inside a live or faux pumpkin for a quick and easy centerpiece.

If you are hosting this year and need more Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving Table Decor Inspiration – pop over and check out these chic ideas.

Halloween Jack-o-lantern planter and treat table

Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Floral Arrangements

Just because Halloween is supposed to be doom and gloom does not mean you can’t stick a floral arrangement or two in for good measure.  This gorgeous arrangement inside an oversized plastic jack-o-lantern is the perfect pop of color and life.

20 Creative Halloween Party Tables and Treats should get you inspired for even more ideas about using fall plants and pumpkins in your holiday decor.

Vintage jack-o-lanterns with flowers.

Outdoor Halloween Fall Plants and Pumpkin Arrangements 

Hit the thrift stores and see if you can find some jacks with different style faces and maybe even some in different sizes. I pride myself on my selection of vintage plastic jack-o-lanterns.  Just like you did inside with a floral arrangement, treat these plastic pumpkins like any old planter.  Choose plants that will work in your area

Want even more Halloween porches and patios inspiration?  Click through for more fall plant and pumpkin decor.


The more pumpkins the merrier, I always say. Same goes for making a fall table arrangement. Use one pumpkin carved hollow as your vase, then surround the bouquet with smaller pumpkins. Throw in a few heirloom pumpkins as well for added dimension. (Photo by Jennifer M. Ramos)

Plants in pumpkins are easy, cute, festive and a lot cheaper than a Waterford crystal vase.



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    HI Jennifer, This is a little late, but I am sharing your post from last week’s Inspire Me Monday on today’s party on my blog! Happy Labor Day! laura

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    I love the hanging pumpkin idea. So different and a fun way to add a bit of whimsy to outside. Thanks for sharing on MM and I’ll be featuring this tonight.


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