Feliz Navidad! How to Make a Piñata Ornament

I love pinatas.  What is not to love?  They are colorful and full of candy.  I’ve appliquéd pinatas onto shirts for my kids, made piñata figurines (complete with wee blindfolded doll) and today I’m going to show you how to make your own piñata Christmas ornament.  If you have your own Feliz Navidad tree like I do you are going to love this!



paper ornament


A quick stroll through any craft store and you will be bombarded with Christmas craft options.  Walls of blank ornaments staring back at you begging for a glittery paint job and a Christmas tree to call home.  How can you turn your back on all these ornaments that need good homes for the holidays?  For your piñata ornament I suggest using something in a diamond shape like these from Darice.


Next, just like making a real piñata, you will need crepe streamers from the party department.  I also threw in some gold tissue paper and pompoms for good measure.  Duh, glue and scissors too.


How you cut your streamers and tissue paper depends on the size of your ornament.  Each row of streamers were folded in half for my ornament.


Next step cut your streamers into fringe.  This means every quarter inch or so cut a slit, but not all the way to the top so you have long strips of fringe.


Color, by color, glue your strips of crepe paper fringe to your ornament using craft glue.  You may need to trim the edges as you go to help your diamond keep it’s shape.  You do the same thing when using tissue paper.


Feel free to add any extra additions you want.  I felt like my piñata ornament was begging for pompoms, but then again I put pompoms on everything.  Pompoms are the new bird, pass it on.


Hang your pompom on the Feliz Navidad tree, your done!  That took less time than it takes a classroom full of kindergartners to beat open a real piñata.  Trust me, I speak from experience.  Pop over to the Treetopia blog to see how I decorated the rest of my Feliz Navidad tree.

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