Colorful, Crafty and Whimsical Fall Christmas Tree

Fall is almost here.  Maybe it is still 100 degrees in Texas, but the rumor is fall is on the way.  Let’s celebrate with some fall Christmas tree decorating ideas.  This is not my first time at the autumn Christmas tree decorating rodeo, but it might be my favorite.  I know I say that every time, but this time I mean it.  I’m kinda in love with my colorful Christmas tree full of non-traditional fall colors and DIY pumpkins.  PLUS… I’ve got hot gossip to share.  Keep reading!

This is a sponsored post with Treetopia.  I am their brand ambassador, but all opinions and obnoxiously colorful trees are my own.

Close up of a yellow tree with faux flowers and checkered deco mesh

Colorful, Crafty and Whimsical Fall Christmas Tree (X2)

Is there such a thing as hot fall Christmas tree gossip?  

Are you ready for it?  

Treetopia just added another brand ambassador to our over-the-top Christmas tree decorating party.  I’m super duper excited to welcome my long time friend and neighbor Kara Whitten of A Kailo Chic Life.  To celebrate we are both decorating a fall Christmas tree to usher in the season.

Lit yellow Christmas tree on a brass shelf with sunflowers and DIY pumpkins

Yeah for a Yellow Autumn Christmas Tree

My autumn Christmas tree is a Treetopia Basics yellow Christmas tree.  It should come as no surprise that Kara and I see fall in a less traditional way than most.  Sure my tree has pumpkins, they are just ones I made with yarn, stenciled felt, pompoms and black and white check fabric.  We both live in Austin so we have to pretend to know what a fall tree looks like.  Combine that with my love of color, crafts and kitsch and well this sexy beast is the kind of fall themed Christmas tree you get!

The topper for a fall tree with pinecones and floral picks

DIY Fall Christmas Tree Ideas

Add this tree to the list of all the yellow Christmas trees I’ve loved before!  Perhaps hot pink and teal are not the first things that come to mind when you think of an autumn inspired Christmas tree – but would you really expect anything less from me?  I want to recreate this exact tree after Halloween so I can have a Thanksgiving Christmas tree too!

I made several of the decorations on my fall Christmas tree that I will share later, but in the meantime these fun DIY fall tree decor ideas should get you in the mood to think about decorating your own.

Adorable DIY Scarecrow Ornaments for Fall Trees

Easy Stenciled Felt Fall Leaves

Thanksgiving Pumpkins Made From Vintage Afghans 

Are you dying to see how our newest Treetopia brand ambassador decorated her autumn Christmas tree?  

orange fall tree in front of mantle

Outrageous Orange Autumn Christmas Tree

I think Kara knocked it out of the park on this gorgeous fall Christmas tree – a girl after my own heart when it comes to using non-traditional colors for fall.  Kara used a Treetopia Basics Orange Tree for her design covered in flowers, folded paper and let’s talk about that book tree skirt!

Be sure to check out my post: How to Decorate an orange Christmas tree for 5 Different Holidays – I’m adding this beauty from Kara to my list!

Colorful decorations with checkered pumpkins and flowers on a yellow christmas tree

Are you guys as pumped as I am to have Kara as a new Treetopia brand ambassador – double the trouble, 2X’s the fun, the more the merrier and all of that stuff.  That applies to fall themed Christmas trees right?  I say it does.

Pop over and see more of Kara’s tree on her blog A Kailo Chic Life and keep your eye on the Treetopia blog to see more of our colorful Christmas tree decorating escapades.  We are already talking about a trading tree spaces project!



Feeling the fall?  Keep reading for more ideas…

orange fall tree with pinecones and granny squares

Vintage Afghan Fall Christmas Tree Ornaments – That was a mouth full, but that is exactly what these ornaments are.  I can’t quit thrifting afghans so I had to make something out of them!

Fall wreath wrapped in yarn with pinecones hanging on a wall

Boho Fall Wreath – If you are going to decorate a colorful autumn themed Christmas tree seems only fitting you would also make a colorful DIY fall wreath right?

Table set for Thanksgiving with green plates and pumpkins

Stylish Friendsgiving Table Ideas – true story: I’ve never actually hosted Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, but I’ve decorated a few tables in my day so I’m ready when I do.


9 Responses to “Colorful, Crafty and Whimsical Fall Christmas Tree”

  1. Alexandra

    When I lived at home with my mom, we used to keep our tree up all year, and decorate it for the different holidays, but nothing ever like this! These trees are so gorgeous, and fun. Pinned.

  2. Margaret

    I just glanced at your arrangement an got a couple of ideas, then on second glance-1 hour- I had table arrangements for several ideas. Great blog—-Thanks

  3. Debbie-Dabble

    Absolutely Love your Fall Tree!! Stunning! I have several Trees up in my house year round and decorate them for various Holidays and Seasons but if you are decorating a Seasonal Tree, I would like to ask you not to call it a Christmas tree as It is not decorated for Christmas! It is a seasonal Tree ……..Thanks for sharing!!


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