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I have finally started a Naughty Secretary Club Facebook Fan Page! I should have done this a bazillion years ago and kept my personal & business Face Book accounts separate, but alas I did not. It sure would be swell if you took a minute to go and hit the like button on the fan page. I’m going to be moving all my craft projects and such over to the fan page and making my personal page private. The tedious part is I am currently writing each person on my Facebook page that I don’t actually know and asking them to please move over to my fan page before I delete them as a friend. Sure would save me a lot of time if some people deleted me as a friend and moved themselves over. I’m gonna start having fun sales, projects and updates on the fan page – stay tuned!

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  1. Oh By Jingo

    Yes, good idea the Fan Page. I totally understand to keep your personal FB page private. So no worries, when you defriend me I still can find all your amazing crafting adventures. ^_^


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