Fabulous Free Fridays in February – M-Edge Custom Tablet or E-Reader Jacket

Attention all E-reading or tablet toting artsy types. M-Edge wants to give you a free custom Kindle coozie, iPad warmer or tablet toboggan. Whatever type of device you use and whatever type or artwork you can come up with – they will make a custom cover for you. Scan in your favorite crocheted cardigan, scrapbook project or even a photo of your kids. I love being able to customize things with my own personal designs. It is enough to make me wish I had my only tablet to create a custom cover for!

Leave me a comment about what you would use to personalize your electronics and I will pick a winner for a $60 gift certificate to M-Edge by next Friday.

11 Responses to “Fabulous Free Fridays in February – M-Edge Custom Tablet or E-Reader Jacket”

  1. April Jeffers Pettit

    The classic parlor scene from Gone With The Wind. The one where Rhett has Scarlett bent over his arm after just kissing her and saying that she needs to be kissed by a "real man". I love that scene in both the book and the movie.

  2. Marge Phegley

    I have a piece of jewelery I designed that reminds me of what I am worth, with a string of pearls in a glass bottle, a key to help me unlockmy future and several other things that remind me to live for my dreams and to help others live for theirs.
    That is what I would love to see each time I look at my devise.

  3. audreydoll

    I would love to have a collage of my shoes, maybe with a cameo of my dog – a great looking Boxer named after my favorite wine – Pinot

  4. littlelixie

    A scan of my favourite book cover – a vintage copy of "Mother's Advice" which is embossed and at some point in the past someone used ink to color the silver embossing. So beautiful!

  5. Corald

    I would put a picture of the scrabble board collage of one of my favorite sayings

    Be the change you want to see in the world
    – Gandhi

    Do or do not, there is no try
    – Yoda


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