Fabric Swaps, Puppy Poop and Bead Bloggers

Yesterday when I was listing all the fun things to do in Austin today I almost forgot about the First Samples Fabric Swap! If you sew, get your toosh over to 120 Academy Drive #303! Here is the info from the First Samples Web Site…

Fabric Bazaar
The first First Samples Fabric Bazaar will be:
Date: Saturday, February 9th
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for general public 8:00 – 9:00 for Sewing with Style Meetup Members
Where: First Samples sewing class room
The First Samples Fabric Bazaar will play matchmaker between local Austin designers who have fabrics to sell and seamsters on the prowl for unique and high quality apparel fabrics. There are so few places in Austin to buy fabric aside from the usual big box craft and sewing stores, and even fewer places that offer unique and fine apparel fabrics. We have a large handful of designers participating in this first event and if it goes well, we will hold this event monthly and bring in more and more consignees-for-a-day. More fabrics, more selection, more fun!

When the Fabric Bazaar is in full swing, we will be able to accept fabric, trim and notion consignment for a day from anyone. For example, right now we have a friend in India who says that she can get the most exquisite silk fabrics for about $.50 per yard but just doesn’t have a reason to buy alot of it because she can only sew so much. So… if she does end up buying more than she could use, she can utilize the Fabric Bazaar to share her surplus. She makes money, we get access to exotic fabrics.

Seamsters! Let go of your fabric stashes that stymie you and curtail your fashion progress and update your fabric inventory at the same time. Meetup members! Join us for the first hour of the sale, open only to you from 8-9 a.m., to preview and buy before the general public arrives. We’ll greet you with tasty breakfast goodies and plenty of fresh coffee to start your Saturday right.

In personal news I did end up venturing out into the world last night. I met Karly, Cory, Erin, Hope and eventually Jimmy out at Red House for a couple of drinks and appetizers. By 10:00 I was getting itchy to come home and see the baby so I left. I’m not sure Ella even realized I had left, but I was happy to see her. Today I am waiting to get into see my vet since Ella has the poops she is a little worried. Erin is booked solid today but I am instructed to wait in the ready position with my phone on me incase there is a cancellation and she calls. That means no fabric sale or Humane Society Social for me. I think Chris and I are going to go to dinner with some friends that we never ever see so that is exciting. One of the couples has an adorable little girl named Sophia so I am asking them to come by the house first and meet Ella so the puppy can get used to little kids. Ya never know when the mood will hit me to have some Chris and Jennifer Jrs. running around so we need to get the dog used to wee little hands.

Saturday also means Bead Blogger Day. Today I am peppering the post with new necklaces that you can not find on Naughty Secretary Club? Hugh, what? They are listed in my Etsy Store, that’s why. I thought why not have some jewelry on Etsy. All the other kids are doing it, why not me. I’m going to rotate some of my one of a kind stock and put some here and some there. Ok on with the links of the week….

About.com Jewelry Making
The V earrings are back, and this time, they have the metal clay jewelry maker in mind.

Art Bead Scene
Show us your Chain of Love in February’s Challenge!

Jewelry & Beading
Get cracking with learning how to combine gorgeous copper with lively turquoise to make this mixed media necklace, Crackling Copper!

Naughty Secretary Club
Catch up with Jen by reading the Naughty Secretary Club Newsletter

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!
Jean made some fierce blue Swarovski crystal and sterling hoops to wear at CHA! Take a look!

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  1. Jasmine

    “Ya never know when the mood will hit me to have some Chris and Jennifer Jrs. running around so we need to get the dog used to wee little hands.”

    OMG!!! You have baby fever! I predict by the Holidays this year you will totally be preggers!

    Whee! It’s in the water, I tell ya.

  2. Jasmine

    That would be awesome. I smile at the thought of Trixie, Atticus, Lucy AND Ella being rambunctious on the floor! It’ll be a hootinanny! Email me what day(s) and time(s) are good for you.


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