Enid Collins a Crafty Entrepreneurial Texas Legend

Flower Cart purse by Texas designer Enid Collins

I’ve been a long time fan of Enid Collins and her Collins of Texas line of bags.  This Flower Cart Purse has been in my collection for years. I can remember the first rhinestone bug covered purse I thrifted when I was in college.  It was love at first sparkly sight.  From there my collection grew and grew.  Enid had a background in costume design and a husband who was crafty in his own right.  Together the two were primed for accessory success with a line of now infamous and instantly recognizable kitschy handbags.

The Red Caboose purse by Enid Collins.

Enid has 3 main purse styles – wooden boxes like Lucky Ladybug which were first.  Next came these canvas bucket purses like The Red Caboose.  After that the final styles in her collection were more traditional shaped purses like Flower Cart.  She even dabbled in paper mache jewelry which is quite rare (check out the book Vintage Craft Workshop for an easy inspired version of her brooches).  Later Collins had a line of purse kits called Sophistikits.


In her 60’s heyday these bags could be found on the shelves of boutiques nationwide and stores like Neiman Marcus.  Not too shabby for a rancher’s wife in Medina, TX who started this sparkly hobby just to help supplement her family’s income.  The line even expanded to factories in Puerto Rico.  There is a great biography of Enid on the Enid Collins website.

Enid Collins of Texas Wise Guy Purse

This is not official, but from my own personal collection this is how the purses seemed to transition.  There is even the occasional children’s purse.  Enid was the OG of rhinestones and besides that she is a lady entrepreneur from Texas.  Be still my beating crafty heart.  Wise Guy has always been one of my favorites in her collection.

Enid Collins Season's of Solitude purse.

Season’s of Solitude and more can be found in my Huntress Gatherer Etsy Store.  Also on Etsy you can find an ebook on Enid Collins I’ve always thought of buying and replacement stones if any of the purses in your collection are missing gems.


I can only have so many purses in my life so sadly I am parting with many of my Enid’s like O, That Roan.  Have a fave Collin’s of Texas?  You never know it might soon be in my Etsy store!

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    • Jennifer

      Oh I’ve got the boho bug too, and Enid purses are just one of my MANY collections.

  1. creativejewishmom/sara

    Fabulous! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday a whole month ago. I am back now after a month unplugged, and the party will be resuming this sunday as well, hope to see you there!


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