Colorful and Crafty Embroidery Hoop Wall Pockets

Have you been staring at your cluttered work space thinking deep thoughts about how to make embroidery hoop wall pockets?  Ya, me too.  So much so that I have now made two versions of these EASY fabric pocket organizers.  A guy or gal can never have too many pockets can they?  I think not.

Wall pockets full of highlighters made from embroidery hoops and plastic canvas.

I’m a big fan or thinking of creative ways to use embroidery hoops for things besides embroidery.  Nothing against needle crafts, but those hoops are so cheap!  I’ve silk screened with embroidery hoops, made DIY reward wheels for kids, hung earrings from them and even made ornaments for an orange Christmas tree.  They really do have a ton of possibilities.

Watch this video episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins to see how to make these Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Pockets.

In this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins I made a set of embroidery hoop wall organizers that also involved cork.  Double the handy factor! You can also catch me over on San Antonio Live making a set.  As much as I love these, I needed fabric wall pockets with a bit more color and of course some pompom fringe in my life.

Organized built in desk with cork board and embroidery hoop wall pockets.

When Craft Supply Hoarding Finally Pays Off

Using the exact same concept as the other DIY embroidery hoop wall pockets I finally found a use for that colorful plastic canvas that has been hanging around in my garage.  Have you seen that meme on Facebook about “buying craft supplies is it’s own hobby completely separate from actually crafting”?  Ya, it’s true.  EXCEPT when I hoard craft supplies like plastic embroidery hoops, colorful Japanese kids fabric, mint green plastic canvas and two toned ball fringe I eventually use it.  Sure that plastic canvas might have made it through  couple of moves with me and the fabric is a few years old, but I knew one day the right idea would hit me.  Embroidery hoop wall organizers had these craft supplies names written all over it.

craft supplies including plastic embroidery hoops, colorful Japanese fabric and plastic canvas.

What Do you Need to Make Your Own Embroidery Hoop Wall Organizers?

  • Plastic embroidery hoops
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Plastic canvas
  • Marker
  • Embroidery floss and needle
  • Pompom fringe
  • Hot glue gun and glue

Japanese children's fabric with panda bears stretched in an embroidery hoop.

How to Make Embroidery Hoop Wall Pockets

Stretch your fabric into the embroidery hoop just as if you were getting ready to actually embroider something.  Pull it tight and twist the screw to hold everything in place.

Measuring plastic canvas on top of embroidery hoop and marking where to cut with marker.

Use one of the sides of the plastic canvas as the top of the pocket for your fabric wall organizer.  Lay the canvas on top of the embroidery hoop and using a marker trace the edge where you need to cut.  

Embroidery hoop pockets being assembled with fabric and plastic canvas.

Do the same thing for all of the plastic embroidery hoops.  When you are done cut along the line of the canvas.  They are starting to look like actual DIY wall pocket organizers aren’t they.  It’s getting exciting around here!

Stitch plastic canvas onto embroidery hoop with fabric to attach pocket.

OMG we are actually embroidering onto our embroidery hoops!  In order to make sure the plastic canvas pockets really stay attached to your fabric wall organizers stitching is a must.  You know I would glue if I could, but alas attaching plastic canvas to plastic embroidery hoops is better suited for stitching.

Finished embroidery hoop wall pockets by Jennifer Perkins.

Repeat for all of the hoops.  Remember the stitching is more utilitarian than anything so it does not have to be perfect.  We will add ball fringe to cover any wonky stitches.  Did I mention that you don’t have to use plastic canvas to make your embroidery hoop wall pockets?  Pop over to DIY Network for some Stylish Storage Solutions with a variation on these fabric wall pockets.  You could use old blue jeans like I did, leather or even canvas.

Embroidery hoop pocket organizer hanging on a desk.

Proving yet again that EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH POMPOM FRINGE – yup, even embroidery hoop wall organizers.  Plus I just got this fun trim and was dying for an excuse to use it.  I added the trim using hot glue, nothing fancy or complicated.

Desk with vision board and embroidery hoop wall pockets.

I’m not saying these DIY wall pockets are the answer to all of your organization prayers, but they do look really cute holding smalls like glasses and highlighters.  I think my vision board and desk look that much better because they are there making me happy.  

Embroidery hoop craft idea - wall pockets by Jennifer Perkins

So what will you putting inside your fancy new fabric wall pocket?  They are great for mail, field trip forms and ya know highlighters 😉


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