Embroidered Halloween Family Photo Ornament

If you are going to the trouble to take a gazillion pictures it seems silly to let them all linger on your phone, in a box or collecting dust in an album.  Try some fun ideas for using your photographs from the holidays, like Halloween in new fun ways.  How’s about printing them on fabric and embroidering them!

DIY Halloween photograph ornaments with embroidery by Jennifer Perkins

Small Embroidery Hoop
Decorative Paper
Printer Fabric
Embroidery Floss
Decorative Ribbon
Embroidery Needle
Paint Brush

Supplies for embellishing embroidery hoop ornaments.

This year for Halloween Chris and Tallulah had a group costume. Chris was Gallagher, complete with Sledge-o-Matic and Tallulah was a squashed watermelon. I printed a picture of them up on fabric that goes through your printer. I wrote 2010 in pen on the fabric so I could embroider the year.

Embroidered Halloween photograph turned into an ornament by Jennifer Perkins
Using the wee-est of all wee embroidery hoops I could find I stretched my fabric and embroidered my 2010 using a simple back stitch.

Halloween embroidered ornament getting embellishment
After I was done embroidering I removed my photograph and set it to the side. Using paint in black I painted my wooden embroidery hoop. After the paint dried I trimmed the edge of the hoop with decorative ribbon using glue.

Halloween ornament supplies
I made a back for my ornament using decorative paper and black craft felt. I attached a loop of ribbon so that I could hang my ornament from the tree.

Spooky Halloween tree with custom embroidered photograph ornament by Jennifer Perkins
Now all I need to do is make an ornament with a picture from Halloween 2009 and the tradition has begun!

***Please note this post was sponsored and I was provided with free materials.  However, all opinions are my own.***

Embroidered photograph ornaments for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins


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10 Responses to “Embroidered Halloween Family Photo Ornament”

  1. jungle dream pagoda

    Gawsh darn it!!! That Halloween 'stume is one of the all time clever ideas ever!
    I do a H-ween branch every year using the same technique, I can generally find mine the backyard! What is supa-fly funny is at the end of H-ween last year I just tossed my tree behind a cluster of growing trees. This year I thought I would just check to see if ….maybe…it was still there…sure e-nuff …

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Glad you like the idea and the costume. Chris cut his hair all off the next day so Tallulah will have to be a solo squashed watermelon on Halloween.

    I feel bad about throwing my branch away. I don't have the room to keep it until next year, nor the yard space to put it in. That was a score that yours was there the next year.


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