Easy Sticker Resist Space Themed T-Shirt DIY

Summer is coming and that means one thing – tye-dye season.  Something about the summer screams colorful DIY dyed clothing.  I decided to put a new spin on my kids crafty wardrobe and try my hand at fabric spray paint and a sticker resist technique.  Not only that, this cool T-shirt idea also uses kid’s foam space stickers as a resist!


There are tons of ways to DIY a T-shirt and I have probably tried most of them.  Using these thick foam kids stickers as a spray dye resist might be my favorite.  This foam sticker resist technique looks awesome on comforters, planters, vases and coasters PLUS it is super-duper easy.  HOORAY!

How to make a space shirt with stickers.

Just look at the pure and utter joy on my kids face.  He loves this shirt as much as I loved making it!  Plus kids love helping put the stickers on the T-shirt!

Easy Sticker Resist T-Shirt DIY


  • White cotton T-shirt
  • Thick foam stickers
  • Fabric spray paint

Yup just those 3 things.  I told you this DIY kids T-shirt was easy to make!

Easy Sticker Resist T-Shirt DIY

Put stickers all over the T-shirt you are going to spray paint.  I know, complicated craft right?  Let the kids help place the stickers, but try and make sure they are somewhat evenly spaced.

Easy Sticker Resist T-Shirt DIY

The space in-between the foam stickers is where the fabric spray paint will dye the T-shirt.  The more space, the more color.  Fabric spray paint comes in tons of different colors these days.

Easy Sticker Resist T-Shirt DIY

You can use one color on your shirt, or tons of colors.  I love the ombre look of this crafty kids shirt.  Plus ya know hot pink, blue and yellow look really cool together.

Easy Sticker Resist T-Shirt DIY

Allow the fabric paint to dry completely.  Peel up the stickers and throw them away.  Reveal your new and exciting DIY space T-shirt.  Oh wait this one is for kids, not adults.  

Easy Sticker Resist T-Shirt DIY

Let’s just look at this space-tastic T-shirt one more time because – come on people.  Is your brain running wild thinking of all the sticker possibilities out there?  Yup, I’ve been eyeballing those cactus stickers.

Easy Sticker Resist T-Shirt DIY

My kid loves his new custom space T-shirt.  Like a lot.  I love his new T-shirt too, like so much I want one of my very own!

How to make a DIY space themed T-shirt for kids using stickers as a resist and fabric spray paint. - Jennifer Perkins

Think you might give this idea a try?  Lemme know what stickers you will use!  Also, check out this project over on the AC Moore site.


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