Easy No-Sew Pillow Idea for Summer Porches and Patios

You know what my favorite kind of sewing project is?  A no-sew project!  These adorable (and EASY) no-sew pillows check off so many boxes for me.  There is no sewing involved, the fabric I used has a retro floral feel and pompom fringe!  Hard to believe these DIY pillows are made with glue and napkins.  


Let me start this post by telling you how much I love groovy 60’s inspired vintage fabric.  When I found these napkins that were a reproduction Vera Neuman print I knew they were too cute to have BBQ sauce wiped on them.  Clearly they needed to be the star of the show, they needed to be taken to new crafty levels with pompom trim and they needed to live on my porch.  Any square napkin will work, they just might not be as cool as mine.

Patio decorated with no sew pillows in groovy patterns

Fill Up The Porch or Patio With Easy No-Sew Pillows

Like any other room in my house the pool side patio is constantly changing and evolving.  I switch out the furniture, rugs, slip covers and throw pillows depending on my mood or phase.  This look was inspired by the Lilly Pulitzer line for Target.  I missed all the goodies they had for sale so I had to make my own.

Here are some more porch and patio makeover ideas

Purple and white pompom fringe.

DIY No-Sew Napkin Pillow Supplies

  • 2 Cloth napkins or placemats
  • Fabric glue or hot glue
  • Pompom fringe
  • Clothespins
  • Pillow inserts
  • Scissors 

A few tips when gathering supplies for making your pillows.  You can use hot glue or fabric glue, this will really depend on how much you plan on washing your pillows if at all.  You can buy pillow inserts, but I find there is an abundance of throw pillows at the thrift store for much cheaper.

Glue pompom fringe to inside seam of napkins

Pompom Fringe First

Some people save the best for last.  I say those people are wrong.  Eat your crafty desert first and start by adding pompom fringe.  Lay one of the two napkins flat and using either fabric glue or hot glue add pompom trim to the inside.  Allow to dry completely.

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Clothespins being used to hold two napkins together forming a no-sew pillow

Attach Two Napkins to Make No-Sew Pillow

Add glue to 3 of the 4 sides of the inside of one of the napkins.  Place the second napkin on top – backside to backside.  If using fabric glue clip with clothespins to hold in place.  Remember to only seal 3 of the 4 sides, as you need one side open to get your pillow form inside.  Allow to dry completely.

Put the pillow into the no-sew throw pillow cover

Put the Pillow Insert Inside the No-Sew Throw Pillow Case

Once the glue is dried completely but the pillow insert inside the pocket you have made.  Glue the last side together with fabric or hot glue.  Clothespins will be necessary if using fabric glue.  Allow to dry completely.

Can’t get enough throw pillows in your life?  Me either.

Display Your New No-Sew Napkin Pillows

Who knew napkins could make such cute DIY throw pillows?  I’ll never look at table linens in the same way!  I’ve got some groovy vintage placemats that have a date with a hot glue gun and some pompom fringe.  What about you?


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