Easy No Sew Bat Boy Costume

no-sew-bat-costumeHave I ever mentioned that I don’t like to sew?  Ya it’s true.  There is so much ironing, measuring and ugh time.  I’m a glue stuff to stuff kind of gal.  That same thing is true when my kids ask for Halloween costumes that can not be store bought, like a bat.


When Baxter asked if he could be a bat for Halloween I responded: “Sure, mommy can make you a bat for Halloween”.  Notice how I didn’t say “mommy can sew you a bat costume for Halloween”.  I said make, not sew and that is exactly what I (and my friend Dian of Hey Muchacha) did.  Pop over to the I Love to Create blog for the full post.  Top picture by Jennifer Ramos.


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