Easy DIY Paper Mache’ Bowls

Happy National Watermelon Day!  How are you celebrating?  Craft wise, maybe I’ll make some more of the adorable and easy watermelon paper mache’ bowls. Have an extra newspaper or some toilet paper lying around?  Then you have all the supplies you need.

How to make a paper mache bowl. Shredded Newspaper for paper mache bowls

For this bowl I went with the old school torn newspaper method.  I actually did an entire post on BlogHer called Recycled Newspaper Gift Tags that goes into more detail and has a fun tea soaked version of paper mache’.  In the meantime shred your newspaper into strips.

Easy DIY Paper Mache' Bowls Jennifer Perkins

Next add water to your newspaper and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.  Sometimes boiling water helps to really get your paper soft in a hurry.

How to make paper mache bowls.

In small batches run your paper through a blender to make a pulp.  Once you have a big pile of pulp strain out the excess water.  You want the pulp malleable, but not just dripping.

Easy DIY Paper Mache' Bowls Jennifer Perkins

Wrap a small bowl in cling wrap to use as your mold.  Cover the bowl with your pulp and set aside (or outside in the hot sun to dry).  This will probably take up to 24 hours.

rad-megan-kids crafts

After my bowl dried I was inspired by Megan Andersen of Rad Megan (check out her website and the interview I did with her here) she did these amazing paper mache’ bowls for an issue of Kids Crafts 1-2-3 a magazine I was once the Editor-in-Chief of.

How to make a paper mache bowl.

Using craft paint I got my watermelon on.  I added a bit of my signature Jennifer Perkins Art style with a face inside the bowl.  I love the way it turned out and one day intend to make an entire set.  Maybe pumpkin bowls are in my future!

How to make a marbled papier-mâché bowl.

Curious to try papier-mâché?  Be sure to check out my toilet paper version with these DIY Marbled Bowls.

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