36 Pieces of Etsy Art I May Not be Able to Live Without

One of my goals in life is to buy more art. Or at least buy more art prints. Anyone thinking deep home decorating thoughts should also make this a goal. I’ve recently started perusing some art I would like to adorn my bedroom walls with.

My old office has pink walls and a vintage Barkcloth window treatment that I would like to keep. Well I might use a glaze on the pink walls and take the color down a notch. Below is a picture of me in my office for the upcoming Handmade Nation book, but it shows the room and the window treatment. 

I framed the picture in a scan of the fabric that I am also planning on using to make a duvet with. I am kind of basing most of the room, including the art I am thinking about purchasing, based on these colors. Good thing these are my favorite colors anyway.

I spent all dang day looking at art today and collected a few of my favorites I am seriously considering. I want several small prints to hang in a collage like cluster. A special thanks to A Thing of Beauty for their amazing list about the best 100 artists on Etsy. Their list was invaluable. Auburn and Ivory thank you as well for the links!

1) Feather Pattern by Clever Nettle
2) The Triumphet Arrival by Wow Out 888
3) Virgo. Whats Your Sign by Art 4 Friends
4) I Would do Anything by Shelby Healey
5) Bunny Hat by Old Cake Paintings
6) Paper Airplanes by Betsy Walton
7) Too Shy # 3 by Rosie Music
8) Dressing for a Full Moon by My Folk Lover
9) Pink Wallpaper by Brandi Strickland

1) Jumping is Fun by Patrick Leger
2) The It Crowd by Inkandar
3) Hifi by Chris Silas Neal
4) The Book of Love by Sea Spray Blue
5) #4 by Irana Douer
6) Let Go by Jennifer Davis
7) Jumbly by Genevieve Dionne
8) Big Air by Kris Chau
9) So Many Tea Cups by Emily Winfield Martin

1) Hurry Up I’m Slipping by Restless Things
2) Siren by Gala House
3) Just Let Loose Don’t Loose by Restless Things
4) Let Love Grow by Shelby Healey
5) I Miss You Already by Jared Drew Moody
6) Napolean III by Inkandar
7) Trio by Brandi Strickland
8) I Like Your Scarf by Ashley G
9) Neapolitan Delight by Alicia Rogerson Art

1) Treasures by Pepperminte
2) Sing With Me by Laura Berger
3) Judy and Her Carousel by Daily Practice
4) Cecil and Sadie by Lily Piri
5) The Bleeding Knees Club by Pepperminte
6) Tea by Wilson Hsu
7) A Vendedora De Baloes by fricdementol
8) Hello July by Ashley G
9) Their Tones Waxed Loud by Heidi Burton

Interestingly while shopping around today I noticed a few reoccurring art themes among several of the artists, art trends if you will. Apparently painting chairs above all other furniture is a biggie. Girls with big hair and things like pirate ships within that big hair seems to be popular. Twins is something I was surprised to see so much of, but was oddly attracted to. Bird cages, especially when the cage is used as the body of a woman. It just seems like these were things I saw again and again, not as much as anthropomorphism, but a lot. Needless to say I like all these themes and book marked several.

I’m glad I did this little blog it is helping me sort all the pieces and make a life choice seeing them all mapped out. Any opinions? Oddly I am really drawn to the picture of the bloody knees. I’m kind of waiting for just the right Irana Douer piece. I know I will be getting something by Aussie Patches, I am just not sure what yet. I love the pictures with couples since after all this is going in a bedroom for two.  Want to see how it all looks?  Check out this bedroom tour.

UPDATE: Curious which pieces I bought and years later still hang in my house?

Jennifer Perkins gallery wall full of eclectic art.

Eclectic Home Tour – Take a video tour of my current house.  Peep the gallery wall and look closely for several pieces from this list!


12 Responses to “36 Pieces of Etsy Art I May Not be Able to Live Without”

  1. Ruby Khan

    I totally missed that you had the bloody knees print in this selection. Mine arrived a couple of days ago–spoke my mangled roller derby girl soul, but cuter, and less likely to need bionic knee replacements in her old age.

    I was a little bummed that the print turned out to be a photo reprint with Fuji Fuji Fuji all over the back, like it just came from the drugstore counter. But it is

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Hey Ruby, ya the bloody knees just called to me. Glad to hear the colors are crisp! Diet coke does indeed make my world go round.

    Anja glad I gave you some ideas. I am so smitten on your pieces they would be a perfect addition to my new collection.

  3. art4friends

    oh my! you have made my day! do you know how lovely all these images look here! and i cannt believe that I am apart of this wonderful cluster. ohh im off to explore the many wonders you present. (much I already love but love to look again!)

    thank you kindly! xx

    great great blog!

  4. Honor Bowden

    Hey, thanks for the feature! This is a great collection (I adore the work of Pepperminte) and I’m honored to be included. Oh, and Craft Lab rocks by the way! 😉

  5. Brandi Strickland

    Oh thanks for including me! I love the company I’m in, yay!! I don’t have any immediate plans to make trio a print, but I’ll let you know if that changes.


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