Easter Krispie Nests

Today the kids and I are attending an Easter themed mommy meet-up with our friends. All the mom’s usually bring a snack of some sort so last night Tallulah and I whipped up some Easter Krispie Nests. I have had a hankering for Rice Krispie Treats and could not let Easter pass without indulging in Peeps so it was the perfect recipe.

Rice Krispies
Shredded Coconut
Green Food Coloring
Jelly Beans
Large Pot
muffin tin or wine glasses

The first thing I did was make Rice Krispie treats according to the instructions on the box. 10oz package of marshmallows and 2 Tbl butter melted over low heat. When it is all gooey add 6 cups of cereal remove from heat and stir.

Once the Rice Krispie treats cool enough that you can touch them coat your hands with a little butter or Pam and mold the treats into nest shapes. I put mine into wine glasses and let them cool.

Next I needed to “feather” my nests. I used a little green food coloring on shaved coconut.

Adding eggs to the nests comes next. I used Jelly Beans as my eggs, but there are a plethora of egg shaped candies on the Easter aisle to choose from.

Last, but not least I sat my blue Peep atop his Krispie Easter nest. Not the healthiest toddler snack in town, but come on it’s Easter your supposed to load your kids up on sugar.

Check out the internet for other variations on the nest, so many cute options out there. Looking for other unhealthy kid friendly treats? Check out my recipes for Cake Pops and Pink Lemonade Cupcakes.

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