Easter Home Tour – bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies!

Jennifer Perkins collection of vintage Easter decorations.

Psssst, come close – I have a secret.  I like Easter bunnies and I can not lie.  Like a lot.  Like I might have two  trees full of them up at my house this very moment.  If you know me at all this should come as no surprise to you.  I am after all the girl that puts up a tree for National Ice Cream Day, Cinco de Mayo, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Record Shop Day and just because a pineapple tree.  A couple of Easter trees at my house really shouldn’t throw you.

Don’t believe me?  Well pop over to the DIY Network Facebook page and check out the latest episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins and you will see not only my trees, but also a wreath and BUNNIES!  Over on FB I’m asking people to let me know which one is their favorite the pink or the white Easter tree.  It’s a tough call, even I’m torn!

Pink Easter tree by Jennifer Perkins.

As you know I’m the brand ambassador for Treetopia.  This is a job I take very seriously so it is my duty to have multiple Easter trees.  Over on the Treetopia Blog I’m sharing even more pictures (taken by the lovely Jennifer M. Ramos) of my 2017 Easter trees.

Vintage yellow Easter bunny.

I know I say this at every holiday, but really it’s going to be hard to put my fuzzy friends back in the attic.  They are so cute, perky, kitschy and possibly a little tacky.  OK a lot tacky, but that is why I love them so.  Anyway it feels so wrong to lock so much joy up in a dark dusty attic.

Vintage Easter bunny made from a bleach bottle.

Speaking of tacky, have you ever met my very favorite bunny made from a bleach bottle and plastic bags.  I can not take credit for making this amazing creature only for scooping him up at a flea market and bringing him to a warm home where he can be appreciated completely.

Pink and yellow Easter tree.

Too much?  Just right?  Room for more?  Wait – don’t answer that.  I’m especially feeling the color combination of this pink, yellow, green and white tree.  The pops of red don’t hurt anything either.

Jennifer Perkins Easter decorations.

Easter is my last big holiday to decorate for before the big holiday pause of summer.  I have to really blow the doors off to get everything out of my system.  Hope you are all decorated for Easter and ready for Mr. Bunny to stop by for a visit!

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