Easter Egg Diorama Too Cute Not To Make

How to make a yarn wrapped egg diorama.

I heart Easter.  Oh who am I kidding I heart all the holidays.  Easter has a special place in my heart though because all the vintage decorations and crafts are so kitschy and cheesey.  I mean come on people – bleach bottle bunnies.  Does it get any better than that?  I think not.  Always inspired by holiday decorations of yore I made my own Easter craft.


This project was inspired by an Easter Egg Diorama Class I took.  That’s my egg.  Pretty sweet right?  No really it’s sweet, like made of sugar sweet.  I wanted to make one that did not run the risk of having my kids lick it to death and yarn fit the bill.



  • Yarn
  • Glue
  • Pompom Fringe
  • Large Cardboard Egg
  • Googley Eyes
  • Small Button
How to make a yarn wrapped egg diorama.

Wrap the cardboard egg in yarn.  What pattern you do is completely your choice, I opted for circles using three shades of yarn by Vickie Howell.  Glue as you wrap.


Did I mention cut a big hole in the egg?  Ya do that before you wrap.  Once your egg is totally wrapped grab some glitter and glue.

Glitter the inside of your egg diorama.

Coat the inside of your egg with glue.  While the glue is still wet sprinkle in glitter.  Allow to dry completely.  You can also add trim around the outside of your egg at this point.


Make a couple of pompoms for your rabbit body.  Add some eyes, ears and a nose for your bunny features.  Once everything is dry glue your bunny inside your egg.

Yarn Covered Kitschy Easter Egg Diorama.

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7 Responses to “Easter Egg Diorama Too Cute Not To Make”

  1. creativejewishmom/sara

    Beyond adorable! I don’t celebrate Easter, but have to say that those little dioramas have always been so enchanting to me, and yours is just adorable! I’m sorry I won’t be able to feature your craft, though it is feature worthy on account of my blog being Jewish, but I hope you’ll continue to join the party with more crafts so that I will be able to feature you soon!

    • Jennifer

      TOTALLY understand! I will say this dioramas are super fun to make for any holiday or occasion. My friend made a Cinco de Mayo one. Hope to link up with you soon.


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