5 Minute DIY Easter Bunny Ornaments

Easter is coming and it is time to get your tree decorated!  Wait – what – you don’t have an Easter tree?  Oh sweetie, don’t you worry your pretty little head, I’ve got an easy DIY for you.  Not just any DIY, an adorable Easter bunny ornament you can make in no time flat.  Plus, did I mention the how-to video!  Please note this post is sponsored by Treetopia, I am their brand ambassador.

Easter tree with DIY bunny ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

I do love me a good Easter tree.  I’ve covered them in vintage Easter toys, made them into giant bunnies and then there was the year I went hot pink.  This year my pink tree is a bit more subtle (I use this term very lightly).  Plain white Christmas ornaments were transformed into wee white Easter bunnies using felt, pipe cleaners, pompoms and enamel stickers.  Check out the Treetopia blog for more details on the bunny ornaments.

You can hop to it and make your own set of Easter bunny ornaments (they only take like 5 minutes each).  Grab your craft supplies, hot glue gun and scissors and craft yourself a batch.  Did I mention these bunnies are part of my annual Treetopia National Craft Month Series?  There are 3 more Easter DIY projects to come and don’t forget last year’s posts all about rainbows (storage bins, soapsicles, unicorn flair, doormats & St. Patrick’s Day wreath)!

Adorable DIY Easter bunny ornament for an Easter tree by Jennifer Perkins

I mean come on, even just a bowl of these cutie-patooties would be adorable.  No tree necessary (though highly recommended).  Plus who is to say you can’t use these guys again at Christmas.  They could be snow bunnies for your winter wonderland skiing tree!

Pink Easter tree with DIY Easter bunny ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Set your tree out and just wait for the Easter bunny to deliver!

How to make DIY Easter Rabbit ornaments for an Easter tree by Jennifer Perkins

Be sure to check out my Easter Pinterest board for more ideas!


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