Easter Basket Terrariums

easterocksIt’s no secret that Target has cute stuff.  Their Easter decor is especially hard to resist.  On a recent tip I scored two baskets full of plastic eggs, not for Easter but for terrariums.


The first thing you need is one of these dome topped Easter baskets from Target.  They come with bunnies or turtles.

easterrocks1Next find some smooth rocks that resemble eggs.  I found mine on a walk with my kids.  I took them home washed them and then painted them with craft paint to look like Easter eggs.

easterrocksThe terrarium part is next.  I filled the bottom of my shallow basket mostly with soil.  I added a layer of green aquarium gravel on top so that it resembled grass.  I stuck a small fern in the center.

easterrocks3All that is left to do is put your lid back on the basket and enjoy.  Be sure to water your plant and I occasionally take the lid off to give Mr. fern some air.cactusrockWanna see how I made my rocks look like cactus?  Pop over to BlogHer and check out my tutorial!

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