Dyed Popsicle Stick Tramp Art Planter

Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to start thinking green thumb thoughts.  Not just what will you plant, but what kinds of DIY planters will you make to put those plants in!  Lucky for you I’ve got several to choose from, but this tramp art inspired planter made from dyed popsicle sticks is one of my favorites.

That green planter looks pretty sexy to be made from plain old popsicle sticks, right?  The trick is dying them first. Sure you can always paint them after you have made a basket, lamp or picture frame but an ombre dye is another fabulous fun option for wood (check out these Dyed Wooden Bead Necklaces).

Bohemian style etagere with display of vintage tramp art. - Jennifer Perkins

Tongue depressors are such a fun craft medium.  It is no wonder they were a popular tramp art medium.  The term ‘tramp art’ usually refers to crafts that people made from scraps and that are sometimes slightly crude.  The term is no longer used much except when referring to these types of crafts.  I happen to be a collector, hence why I was inspired to make my own DIY planter from popsicle sticks!

Tramp Art Popsicle Stick Planter
– Dye
– Popsicle sticks
– Disposable Cups
– Tacky Glue
Tramp Art Popsicle Stick Planter
Divide up the wooden popsicle sticks into disposable cups. Next mix your fabric dye according to package directions.  I used yellow and green dyes to create an ombre effect.  Submerge sticks about half way. After about an hour flip sticks and mix-match the dye baths. There is no real rhyme or reason to this method other than getting color variations on the sticks.
Tramp Art Popsicle Stick Planter
Empty out the sticks to dry.  Give a quick rinse without washing off all the dye, but removing excess color.  Allow the sticks to dry overnight on a flat surface.
Tramp Art Popsicle Stick Planter
I used one of my vintage wooden tramp art vases as my guide.  Starting at the bottom I began gluing sticks together in a pattern.  You could also use hot glue and try any shape.
Tramp Art Popsicle Stick Planter
Once your creation is dry, there are so many fun options as to what you can do. Stick a flameless candle inside for a lantern. Put a small plant inside land display on your patio.  Add a bottom and a handle to make a basket.
Tramp Art Popsicle Stick Planter
DIY tramp art is harder than it looks!  I have an all new respect for the people who made intricate versions of this craft. This summer try making your own version.  Dye optional, but highly encouraged!  What do you think?  Kids craft or way cute?
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How to dye rope to make a DIY ombre planter by Jennifer Perkins
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Easy dyed wicker valentine planter.
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DIY yarn wrapped hanging planters with pompoms and gel pen doodles by Jennifer Perkins
Gel Pen Doodled Hanging Planter – So many things you can do to a plain hanging planter!  My favorites include yarn wrapping and painting them.



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