DIY Dyed Macrame Plant Hanger – No Knots Necessary!

Now that summer is here it is time to decorate the patio just like any other room in my house. Throw pillows, rugs, couches and now DIY dyed macrame plant hanger.  I love the extra pop of color the dye job gives these earthy and otherwise drab macrame hanging planters.  


But I Don’t Know How To Macrame

The best part about this project is that it uses a readymade macrame planter.  No knotting necessary because it is already done for you!  The DIY part comes from dying the jute hanging planter ombre with fabric dye!

Feeling sassy and want to get knotty?  Over on DIY Network check out my article How to Make a Macrame Hanging Planter.

Tie-dye and jute macrame hanging planter.

Materials Needed for Your Dyed Macrame Plant Hanger

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I used a jute hanging planter, but cotton macrame plant hangers will take dye as well.

Yellow dye on jute hanging basket.

Step 1 – Start the Dying the Planter

Begin by rinsing the hanging planter well.  This will remove as much sizing as possible.  While the material is wet (not soaking) place it in a bin or outside in the grass.  Start at the top and add fabric dye.

P.S. Readymade macrame plant holders also look great dyed in a solid color.  Check out how to Turn A Pumpkin Into a Spooky Halloween Hanging Planter for more.

Adding orange dye to make a hanging planter ombre

Add a Second Color of Dye for an Ombre Hanging Planter

Keep dying down the material on the planter one color at a time to achieve the ombre look.  Keep the planter flat so that gravity does not cause the colors to bleed into each other too much.

Love the look?  I’ve got 3 DIY Ombre Planters Perfect for Summer that might tickle your fancy.

Dyed Macrame Plant Hanger

Boom look at that cute hanging planter you just made.  Well you didn’t make it, but look at that plant hanger you just embellished and made so stinking cute.  Go you!  Nothing is safe from you and your ombre dying skillz.

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Never underestimate the power of a good dye job – including the ones you give to a set of store bought readymade macrame plant hanger.

Let me know if you give this project a swirl.


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