Doodled Gel Pen Planters Video for Sakura of America

13683524483_26f9136251_bMy latest video for Sakura of America is live ya’ll!  My obsession with air plants and succulents continues in the video as I show you how to doodle on glass plant hangers.  I’m loving these cute little customized planters and have them nestled all around my house!


The video walks you through several different styles of planters.  Some using real plants and even a few fakes.  P.S. Remember my last video for Sakura with the spoon people?  You can see my collection is growing.  Oh and you want to know how you can buy a piece of my Bingo art?  Well Flossy here just happens to be for sell in my Etsy store.

13682814344_e0da7f5532_bSome of my planters even hang like this cutie.  Want to learn about the yarn pompom action?  Check out my blog post all about it called Yarn Wrapped Boho Air Plant Hangers.  I made this one from a candle holder.


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