DIY Boho Inspired Yarn Wrapped Wreath to Make You Fall For Fall

Halloween is over and it is time to start thinking about fall.  I mean come on, it is a very short window between Halloween and Christmas s0 we have to hustle on this.  That is why I came up with this adorable yarn wrapped boho inspired wreath meets dreamcatcher.  Say that 10 times fast!  Either way it’s quick, easy, perfect for fall and I’m pretty sure Stevie Nicks would want one.

Boho yarn wrapped wreath by Jennifer Perkins for DIY Network

I love any craft that let’s me play with yarn.  I don’t knit and I barely know how to crochet, but I LOVE yarn.  It comes in so many gorgeous colors and textures it’s not fair that only those with the power of the hooks and needles get to play.  Anytime I can yarn wrap something, like with this cozy fall wreath I’m all about it!

This project was originally an episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins for the DIY Network.  Every Thursday I’m hanging out on their Facebook page live getting crafty.  Check out the full how-to over on the DIY Network website: Boho Inspired Yarn Wrapped Fall Wreath.

Fun wreath with pinecone flowers and yarn by Jennifer Perkins

My favorite part of any wreath is the gluing stuff on stuff on stuff part.  I’m a firm believer that more is always better ESPECIALLY when it comes to wreaths and Christmas trees.  This wreath has plush felt squirrels, painted pinecone flowers and even a yarn pompom or two (or three).

Yarn wrapped boho fall wreath by Jennifer Perkins for DIY Network

If you can wrap yarn, you can make this wreath.  No really, I promise.  What will you put on your fall wreath?  Do you even put up a fall wreath?  I must confess I typically jump straight from Halloween to Christmas, but I am determined to let fall have a day or two.

Want more fall inspiration?  Keep reading.

Orange tree for fall with giant acorns and afghan pieces by Jennifer Perkins

Afghan Ornaments for a Fall Tree – No fall tree is complete without giant acorns and vintage afghan ornaments.  So easy!  I’m the brand ambassador for Treetopia so it’s my personal mission to think of new ways to decorate trees and wreaths.

Colorful DIY boho dreamcatcher by Jennifer Perkins

Dreamcatcher with Stenciled Felt Leaves – If you want to skip the wreath and go more dreamcatcher this is the DIY project for you.

Fun fall table setting for Friendsgiving by Jennifer Perkins

Fall Table Ideas – Once upon a time Tuesday Morning stores hired me to set Thanksgiving Day tables and I was all about it.  Still one of my fave fall tables.


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