10 DIY Ideas for Crafting the Perfect Teal Pumpkin This Halloween

As a mother of a child with food allergies, the Teal Pumpkin Project is near and dear to my heart.  If you are not familiar, teal pumpkins on a door step signal to kids with food allergies and their parents that this house has something safe for them.  I’m a big advocate of giving crafts not candy when it comes to events and holidays just to be sure everyone is included and that there are no parents going home and telling kids they have to throw out their entire basket of candy.  

Teal pumpkin project with washi tape.

Masking Tape Mosaic Teal Pumpkin – Over on DIY Network I shared this fun DIY teal pumpkin project made with masking tape.  This project could not be any easier because you use organic rips of colored tape to create a mosaic pattern leaving orange pumpkin peaking through.

How to decoupage a teal pumpkin for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

Decoupaged Teal Pumpkin – You can easily use decoupage medium and colorful teal paper on a real or faux pumpkin.  This adorable paper by my buddy Kathy Cano Murillo (The Craft Chica) was perfect for this teal pumpkin.

Melted crayon covered pumpkins for Halloween and The Teal Pumpkin Project by Jennifer Perkins

Puddle of Crayon Pumpkins – Remember when people could not stop putting a hair dryer to their crayons for a hot crafty second?  Bring back this fad with a teal crayon or two melted on top of your Halloween pumpkin.

How to carve a globe into a jack-o-lantern for the Teal Pumpkin Project by Jennifer Perkins

Teal Pumpkin Ghoulish Globe – Vintage globes are easily found at the thrift store or flea market.  Find one that is out of date and using a craft knife carve that bad boy just like you would a regular pumpkin.  This is still one of my all time favorite teal pumpkin options!

Adding teal glitter polka-dots to a pumpkin for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

Polka-Dot Pumpkin – Nobody said the ENTIRE pumpkin had to be teal.  Let some of the orange and natural skin variations of your pumpkin shine through by adding pops of teal.  Round glue dots covered in teal glitter work perfectly for this pumpkin.

Make a Halloween wreath with embroidery hoops for the Teal Pumpkin Project by Jennifer Perkins

Teal Pumpkin Patch Embroidery Hoop Wreath – Greet trick-or-treaters with this fun and easy DIY pumpkin wreath made from embroidery hoops.  Each hoop has stretched felt and depicts a different jack.

Teal Pumpkin for Halloween made with decoupaged fabric scraps by Jennifer Perkins

Fabric Scraps for Fall – Teal pumpkins can stay out all fall long when they look like this guy.  Use vintage fabric scraps in shades of teal and apply to a faux pumpkin with decoupage medium.

Cover a faux pumpkin in sequins for a sparkly Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

Push Pin Pumpkins – Faux pumpkins are so versatile.  You can carve them, make them into hanging baskets, decorate a Halloween tree with them and even cover them with beads and sequins.  Give the teal pumpkin project some pizazz with this sparkly option.

Chalk board paint covered pumpkins for Halloween and the teal pumpkin project by Jennifer Perkins

Give Crafts Not Candy – Say it loud and proud that your house is participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project.  All you need is some teal chalk board paint and a chalk paint marker.

Pompom Covered Pumpkins for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

Pompom Pumpkins – Use the fact that teal and orange look amazing together to your advantage with this DIY pompom covered pumpkin.  Use a faux or real pumpkin, glue and of course pompoms in teal.

DIY ornaments for a Teal Pumpkin Project Themed Christmas Tree by Jennifer Perkins

Teal Pumpkin Project Halloween Tree – Lookie here a bonus (this makes 11).  Over on Treetopia I decorated an entire Halloween tree with a Teal Pumpkin Project Theme.

DIY Ideas to Make Your Own Teal Pumpkin for Halloween and Food Allergy Awareness by Jennifer Perkins

Which teal pumpkin project will you try?  Remember I’ve got even more ideas over on DIY Network and I Love to Create to share.  The more ways to spread this message the better.  I’m not saying get rid of the candy altogether I’m just saying think of the 1 in 13 kids that will come to your door that can’t have that candy.



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DIY planters for Halloween.

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Orange tree for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

Witchy Halloween Tree Ornaments – When you put up your Orange Halloween Tree this year be sure to include some DIY witch ornaments.

P.S. Thanks Chelsea Laine Francis for some of these photos!






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