DIY Spider Web Ornaments For Your Halloween Tree

DIY spider ornaments for an orange Halloween tree by Jennifer Perkins

Halloween trees don’t have to be the kind you see at the craft store that are thin scraggly branch fests.  Bust out some Christmas trees and give them a spooky makeover with DIY ornaments.  I’ve Halloween ornaments that were witches, black cats, monsters, snakes, dioramas and even doll part stew.  Today, I’m sharing EASY (and I mean easy) stenciled spider web ornies.

DIY stenciled spider web ornament supplies
  • Fabric spray paint
  • Paper spider webs
  • Ready made ornaments
  • Craft felt
  • Craft glue
  • Toy spiders
Place spider webs onto felt as stencils for ornaments.

Place spider webs onto craft felt.  The webs will act as a stencil for the spray paint.  Mine were paper, but any kind of decorative spider web will work.

Stenciled spider webs for felt Halloween ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Using several light coats apply spray paint.  I used a paint specifically for fabric, but you could also use regular spray paint or even stencil the design on with craft paint and a brush.  Allow to dry completely.

Adding spider to felt web Halloween ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

After paint has dried cut out the felt spider webs and using craft glue adhere to a ready made ornament.  You could also use other types of ornament substrates like foam, cork or plain wood rounds painted black.  Gather spiders.

Sparkly orange spiders on DIY stenciled web ornaments for a Halloween tree by Jennifer Perkins

Using craft glue add spiders to your ornaments.  Preferably glittered spiders, because – well ya know glitter just makes everything better.

Orange Halloween tree.

BOOM! Decorate your orange Halloween tree like a boss!  I love me a colorful Halloween, but there is something to be said about the classic look or orange and black.

Easy stenciled felt spider web ornaments for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

As I always say, Halloween ornaments are not always that easy to come by so sometimes you just have to make your own.  Good thing it is super easy to do.

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  1. Sarah

    Ack! I loved the first two trees so much. How did you do the candy corn one? I have two trees this year. One with glass Halloween ornies and the one with all the handmade goodness from years of Halloween swaps.


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