How to Make Personalized DIY Snow Globes For A Summer Travel Themed Tree

Does it surprise you that I have a Christmas tree up in July?  It shouldn’t.  Christmas in July is here again!  I’m helping Treetopia celebrate their Summer Spree blog hop with a road trip themed travel-tastic tree – complete with a DIY snow globe ornament project.  Grab some old maps, a few postcards and of course your Christmas tree and let’s get crafty.

Christmas tree decorated with travel themed ornaments.

How to Make Personalized DIY Snow Globes For Your Summer Travel Tree

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Tree with DIY snow globe ornaments made from vintage postcards.

Summer Spree Blog Hop With Treetopia

I’m not alone on this crafty road trip.  Join my creative friends on a whirlwind trip to their favorite destinations, brought to life with colorful Treetopia trees and DIY ornaments.  All week long check in with Smart Fun DIY, House of Hawthornes and Chatfield Court as they show off their summer travel themed trees too!

It being road trip season and all I decided to decorate my tree with maps, vintage postcards and snow globes.  Actually, homemade snow globes!

Green Christmas tree with a travel theme and a globe.

Using Vintage Postcards in Your DIY Snow Globe Ornament

The entire inspiration for this travel tree came from a suitcase full of vintage postcards and maps I inherited from my grandmother.  She collected postcards from all her adventures around the US and apparently kept every postcard that was ever sent to her.  I’ve used my stash of postcards before to make terrarium inspired picture frames, kitschy collaged Valentines and incorporated them into my junk journals.  This however is my first time using the postcards for a snow globe craft.  I’m so glad I did!

collection of vintage postcards

Supplies for Travel Themed Homemade Snow Globes

I get it that not everyone has a suitcase full of vintage postcards to make their DIY snow globes with.  New postcards, magazine picture or even print outs from the internet will work.

Side note be sure to check out my two Etsy stores The Huntress Gatherer and Naughty Secretary Club where I stock and sell vintage ephemera like postcards and maps from time to time.

Postcards with scenic scenes cut to fit inside DIY snow glove ornaments.

Choosing the Right Postcard for Your DIY Travel Diorama

I chose postcards with a scenic vista.  If you are making a snow globe with a beach theme choose a postcard with a picture of the ocean.  If everyone is skiing in the photo you want to use choose a postcard from the Alps.  You get the picture.  Bonus points if you make your homemade snow globe using a picture and an actual postcard from the same trip.

Cut your postcard into a u shape so that it fits inside the small cups.  Remember these are DIY plastic cup snow globes so everything needs to fit inside.

photographs to go inside DIY personalized snow globes

Choosing the Right Picture For Your Snow Globe Craft

Personalizing your snow globe is half the fun of this project.  The only thing you are limited by is the size and even that obstacle can be overcome by shrinking down a photo.  Cut out around the edge of the people in the photograph.

TIP: If you choose to print a picture out on your home printer you will probably need to back it with something so that the copy paper is stiff enough to stand up.

Cut photographs and postcards cut down to go inside DIY cup snow globes.

Making a Mini Diorama For Inside the Snow Globe 

Once you have your picture and postcard cut out  attach them to a cardboard base.  For my base I traced my plastic cup onto another postcard and cut out the circle.  Attach with hot glue.

Glue the postcard towards the back of the circle.  Glue the photograph in front of that.  Next add a little decorative terrarium moss and faux plants with hot glue.  

Tip: Layering the elements inside the diorama gives your snow globe ornaments depth.

Glue bottom to the clear cup to form the snow globe ornament.

A DIY Plastic Cup Snow Globe is Born

The last step is to attach the clear small clear plastic tumbler on top of the diorama – presto DIY snow globe.   Water and glitter you can shake is totally overrated.  These handmade snow globe ornaments are much better for perching on summer spree Christmas tree branches.

Christmas tree with DIY snow globe ornaments and paper chains.

Ta-Da You Made Your Own Travel Themed DIY Snow Globe Ornaments

Yes, I made these personalized snow globes for a Summer Spree tree – but how cute would they be at Christmas?  What an adorable home made Christmas gift idea they would be.  What if you want to skip the tree part all together and just make a bunch of handmade snow globes with the kids to preserve those family road trip memories?  So many options – though I’m partial to the idea of using the diy plastic cup dioramas as ornaments.

Vintage travel items and DIY snow globes made from clear Dixie cups.

Now Make a Tree Full of DIY Snow Globes

Once you get the idea about how to make these easy personalized snow globes you will want to make an entire tree full of them.  If you’re like me you have a TON of pictures each deserving of it’s own diorama in a cup.  Did I mention how great these are as a kids craft?  Just help with the hot glue.

Tree with summer traveling themed DIY decorations.

The more travel themed crafts the better!  Check back all month and I’ll be sharing more of the projects from my Treetopia Summer Spree tree.  PLUS there will be a Treetopia giveaway on Facebook July 23rd!  Whoo-hoo free stuff.



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