DIY Mini Avocado Piñata

How to make an avocado piñata from a paper plate.

Nothing says fiesta like a piñata.  Whether you are getting ready for Cinco de Mayo or your kid’s 3rd birthday – pinatas are a must have.  They don’t have to be the big kind you hit with a stick either. How about this DIY Mini Avocado Piñata or  individual single serving pinatas?  All you need are some streamers and paper plates.

How to make pinatas from paper plates.


  • Streamers
  • Oval Shaped Paper Plates
  • Fringing Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Stapler
  • Small trinkets and toys

This is not my first time at the paper plate piñata rodeo.  You might recall the episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins where I made Paper Plate Pizza Piñatas.  Enjoy the whole video for all the instructions you need to make your own piñata.  The taco piñata also makes a cameo.

How to make a mini avocado piñata.

Same concept as the pizza, different shape.  Use fringing scissors on streamers – you will need brown for the pit, dark green for the outside and light green for the inside of your avocado.  Two oval plates are stapled together (leave a hole for filling).  Start with the pit and work your way out winding the fringed streamers and attaching with craft glue.  Insert small toys and candy before sealing closed.

How to make paper plate pinatas.

These individual size pinatas are great as party favors and goodie bags.  Send guests home with their own taco, avocado, pizza or pineapple piñata filled with fun.  Easy to make, yet impressive to guests.

Paper plate pinatas.

What will you put inside yours?  What holiday will you make them for?  I’m already thinking pumpkins for Halloween!

Want more piñata inspiration?  Read on.

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Piñata Applique Shirts – Ever notice how coloring book pages and embroidery patterns make great appliqués?  I have, like with these piñata shirts.

How to make a piñata figurine.

Piñata Figurine – I’m notorious for stealing my kids plastic animals to make gift card holders, Christmas tree planters and even to put inside terrariums.

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