Easter Basket Ideas for Mini Mermaid Lovers and DIY Mermaid Eggs

Make your little mermaids happy as a clam this Easter.  Stuff their Easter basket full of of all things finned.  Ideas include dolls, coloring books, shelled eye masks and of course fish scale Easter eggs.  Yup, I’m talking DIY mermaid eggs.  Let’s do this.

What to put inside a mermaid themed Easter basket or gift bag for kids by Jennifer Perkins

Over on HGTV I’m sharing 10 Adorable Themed Easter Baskets for Kids including this mermaid themed Easter basket.  It’s not hard to find an endless supply of mermaid themed toys and goodies to stuff this basket with.  Did I mention this would also make a great year round gift basket for kids?

Plastic Easter eggs crafted to look like mermaid tails. Jennifer Perkins

No matter how much cute dollar store mermaid stuff you manage to muster, nothing will set you basket apart like some DIY Easter eggs that look like the scales of a mermaid tail.  You can do this fun technique on real of fake eggs.

Check out this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins where I show you how to make not only mermaid scale Easter eggs but also emoji Easter eggs and narwhal eggs.  Plus a sneak peak of Perler bead, ladybugs and strawberry Easter eggs.

Fishnets and plastic eggs for making mermaid scale Easter eggs.

Remember you could easily make these using real eggs and edible color mist for cake, but this are the supplies for using fake eggs.


  • Faux eggs (colorful or white)
  • Fishnet stockings
  • pipe cleaners
  • spray paint for plastic
Wrap eggs in fishnet pantyhose - this will act like a mermaid scale stencil.

Stuff fishnet pantyhose with eggs.  Use a pipe cleaner or zip ties in-between each egg to pull the tights taunt.  The fishnets will act as a resist or reverse stencil when you paint the eggs.

After wrapping your plastic eggs in fishnet stockings spray paint for fish scales.

Take the eggs outside and give them several light coats with spray paint.  If you watch the video version you can also see how to get this same effect with craft paint and a sponge brush.

Easter basket full of mermaid themed goodies including DIY mermaid tail Easter eggs by Jennifer Perkins

Allow the paint to dry completely and cut away pantyhose.  Throw fishnet scraps aways and stuff these adorable mermaid Easter eggs full of fun little toys and candy.  Whatever your little sea bound Easter bunny likes!

What to put in a mermaid themed gift bag or Easter basket complete with DIY fish scale eggs by Jennifer Perkins

Here is another hot tip – skip the wicker basket and give this Easter gift in a colorful beach or pool ready tote bag.  It can hold eggs now and wet swimsuits and towels later.  Look how great those fish scale Easter eggs look in there.

What would you put in a mermaid themed Easter basket?  I love the way these eggs turned out and think they are perfect.  This fun technique can be used on a lot more than just plastic Easter eggs.  I’m already thinking about what else I can give the mermaid fish tale effect too.  Got any suggestions?

Happy Easter to you and your little mermaids and mermen!


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