Make Your Own Spooky Stenciled Halloween Throw Pillows

I take my Halloween decorating seriously.  Like VERY seriously.  I’m talking to the DIY Halloween throw pillow kind of extremes.  Yup, I mean spooky business.  Plus my back patio is an extension of my home, you can see it from all over the house.  If I am going to decorate everything else like the Great Pumpkin threw up on it why should I leave the porch out of all the fun.


Guess what, making your own DIY seasonal accent pillows is not hard.  In fact, some might dare to say this pillow project is easy.  With a good Halloween stencil and craft paint, all things handmade decor are possible – even a crafty Halloween cushion.


Fabric paint 

Stencil 1 stencils

Paint brush


Letter stickers

Throw pillow covers

I kinda have this thing for using Stencil1 stencils.  I have used them to etch glassadorn onesiescreate custom fabric and even create appliques. I even interviewed founder Ed Roth once. In a world full of boring stencils, a business like Stencil1 and all their groovy designs is a crafty blessing.  I just knew he was the answer to my Halloween pillow prayers and I was right!

Start with plain accent pillow covers.  I was lucky to find mine at the thrift store.  I loved this typewriter stencil and thought it had an old school vintage Halloween vibe perfect for this DIY holiday accent pillow party for one.  I say for one because I’m not sure I have any friends who would think this was as much fun as I do.  Tape down the stencil to the pillow.  I also added letter stickers to say Eeek!

Using a dry brush technique apply craft paint or fabric paint to the stencil.  A dry brush technique means you don’t have a ton of paint on your brush.  When you are finished gently remove the stencil and wash.  

Did you just make your own DIY Halloween accent pillow that is ridiculously cute?  Ya you did, let’s do it again!

Next I got crazy and went all mad scientist on my stencils.  It is Halloween after all.  Using a crow and a skull stencil I made an extra creepy cushion.  The Stencil1 skull stencil is two part so there is also a white layer to stencil on top.  I might need an entire couch full of decorative Halloween pillows. 

Oh wait, I already have that!  These new stenciled holiday accent pillows mix right in with my ready Halloween pillows and punch up some plain black and white pillows I already had.  I think my porch is Halloween party ready.  Even if it is a Halloween pillow stencil party for 1!


Tell me all your thoughts on holiday accent pillows?  Too much or just right for you?  I may or may not have also made my own DIY holiday pillows for Easter and Christmas.  I’ll let you guess!


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