DIY Geometric Vase (Psssst the trick is stickers)

After I took the time to redecorate my entire patio I thought why not go the extra mile and make a DIY geometric planter for the coffee table to match.  Any excuse to up-cycle something from the thrift store and I am on board.  Grab the laundry cording, paint and stickers – let’s do this!

How to decorate your patio with beach towels.

BoHo Style Backyard Paradise

Did you see my patio on DIY Network?  I took some indoor furniture outside, new slipcovers were sewn from beach towels and my backyard bohemian paradise was born.  I’m in love with the end result.  I’m typing this post from the comfort of that very couch.


Planters Make The Room (or The Patio)

Not only did I revamp all the furniture I also tried to make the space as comfy and homey as possible.  That includes lot’s of books, pillows and of course my favorite crafty past time – DIY planters.  

Planters make the room or in this case the patio.


Supplies for Making a DIY Geometric Planter

  • Craft glue
  • Glass vase
  • Spray paint
  • Cotton clothesline
  • Sticky back foam
  • Scissors


Step 1 – Get Your Glue On

I found my vase at the thrift store.  Glass vases are a dime a dozen at second hand stores and just begging for a crafty modern update like this DIY geometric planter.

First, cover the glass vase in craft glue – small sections at a time.  While the glue is still wet wrap the cotton clothesline around the vase.

Continue to glue and wrap.


Step 2 – Cut Craft Foam Into Triangles

Sticky back craft foam is the unsung hero of my DIY world.  Typically thought of as a kids craft, it looks so amazing when used in the right circumstances, like making a chic modern planter.

Check out a few of my favorite craft foam projects…

Cut your sticky back foam into random triangles – big, little and of course medium.


Step 3 – Put Your Craft Foam Stickers on the Vase

Cover the vase in foam stickers.  The more random the better.  Leave space in-between the triangles so when you paint it there is a distinct area between sections.


Step 4 – Spray Paint the Vase

Coat the vase with your fabric spray paint.  You can also use real spray paint.  Where the stickers are will remain white (hence the resist part of this project).

Remember when working with spray paint several light coats allowing for drying time in-between is always best.


Step 5 – Remove the Stickers and Reveal Your New DIY Modern Planter

When the paint dries remove the foam and discard.  Fill with dirt, plant and perhaps a sprinkling of hot pink aquarium gravel for good measure.

You can also still use the vase as a vase if you would rather go that route.


Bam people!  Bam!  There it is.  

The new DIY geometric planter looks so spiffy and smart on my new and improved patio.  Who knew a thrift store vase could look so sexy wrapped in clothesline?  I do love me a good sticker resist project!


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20 Responses to “DIY Geometric Vase (Psssst the trick is stickers)”

  1. Jeanna

    Groovy planter and I love the bikini bottom. That’s a pretty unique and professional looking space you’ve created.

  2. Maria

    Such a great idea and so perfect for the patio! I love how it matches with the outdoor rug–from color to shape! Thanks so much for sharing this with us on #shinebloghop!

  3. Theresa

    This DIY turned out really great! Clever Too!! Thanks for sharing at the #InspirationSpotlight party. Shared See you again soon.

  4. Nicki Parrish

    This is super cute! Thanks for sharing with us at Tottally Terrific Tuesday! Please link up again this week, we love what you are doing!

  5. Denise Dezee

    You have a new fan here! Love the vase and looking forward to seeing more of your projects

  6. Linda Premo

    Super cute idea and your outdoor room is darling! Great mix of design and color combinations. Thanks for sharing. You have started off so many new ideas for projects in my mind


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