DIY Easy Emoji Easter Eggs With Foam, Scissors and a Marker

Easter Emojis – it’s a thing.  Kinda a big thing actually.  Entire Easter baskets with nothing but smiling poop, heart eyes and flamenco dancers.  Who was I to resist the charm of this trend?  I too decided to jump on the Emoji bandwagon with these easy DIY Emoji Easter Eggs.

DIY Emoji Easter eggs by Jennifer Perkins

This basket is part of round-up for HGTV – 10 Fun Filled Themed Easter Baskets.  Don’t forget to also take a looksie at these 15 Themed Easter Baskets That Aren’t Filled With Candy over on DIY Network.

Supplies for making DIY emoji themed Easter eggs - Jennifer Perkins

The supply list for these cuties is pretty minimal.

  • Yellow Eggs
  • Craft Foam (red and blue)
  • Scissors
  • Googly Eye Stickers
  • Black Paint Marker

See I told you there was not much to these eggs.  You can either dye real eggs yellow or you can use faux plastic eggs that are yellow.

How to make emoji Easter eggs - Jennifer Perkins

I think eye placement should come first.  My googly eyes were already sticky back, but if yours are not a dot of glue will work just fine.  Once you have your eyes placed, open your phone and pick your favorite Emojis.

Emoji themed Easter basket with DIY Emoji Easter eggs by Jennifer Perkins

Use a black marker to draw faces.  Again the faces your draw will depend on your favorite Emojis.

DIY Emoji Easter Eggs - Jennifer Perkins

Cut out pieces of sticky back craft foam as accents like heart eyes, tongues and tears.

DIY Emoji Easter eggs for an Emoji themed Easter basket - Jennifer Perkins

Fill your basket to the brim with all things yellow, smiling and emoji-rific!  This begs the question: what is your favorite emoji?  I tend to use the one with the hand on his chin in deep thought.  Be sure to check out all the rest of my Easter ideas and follow along on my Easter Pinterest board.


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      Hooray! I hope you try to make your own version. They really are super simple.


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