DIY Drip Cake Ice Cream Cone Ornaments That Look Good Enough to Eat

DIY ice cream cone ornaments are always a good idea whether it’s July or Christmas.  Take it from me, I know from experience.  Like everyone else on Pinterest I became obsessed with adorable ice cream drip cakes.  Not to actually bake one, but to make one into an ornament.  These DIY ice cream cone decorations are not just perfect for your pink Christmas tree, they are also tiny boxes with removable lids making them clever gift boxes too.  Two for one crafty ice cream special!

Pink Christmas tree with an ice cream theme and DIY ice cream cone ornaments.

DIY Spilled Ice Cream Cone Cake Ornaments

So the whole thing started when I decorated for Christmas in July.  As one does.  I made DIY Air Dry Clay Ice Cream Cone Ornaments, Bowls of Faux ice cream and of course Pompom Ice Cream Cone Ornaments too.  Le’ duh.  How could I leave out my obsession with melted ice cream cakes.  These adorable delicacies needed a DIY ornament of their very own.

Faux spilled ice cream cone cake ornament by Jennifer Perkins

Go ahead take in their kitschy beauty – bask in it.  They look good enough to eat, but don’t because that dripping ice cream is really paint and that icing is decoden.  I will say the sugar cones are real if you were super hungry but let’s not eat these drip cakes, let’s decorate with them!

DIY Ice Cream Cake Ornaments Video 

Just in case you like a video tutorial for your ice cream cone ornaments, I got your back.  Watch my video tutorial all about rolling clay ice cream scoops, making perfect faux icing dollops and adding pompoms (even spilled ice cream cake ornaments are better with pompoms).

Empty cardboard trinket boxes.

Spilled Ice Cream Cake Ornament Supplies

  • Small round cardboard boxes
  • Craft paint in blue and pink
  • Decoden 
  • Sugar cones
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Sequin trim
  • Pompoms
  • Sequins

Obviously you can make your ice cream cone cake boxes any color your little heart desires.  Same goes for the goodies on top.  You can add candy, beads, sequins, whatever tiny accessories you want as a cake topper.

Cardboard boxes painted blue.

Paint (Ice) Your Ice Cream Cake Boxes

Paint the lid and the box.  Paint them separately so they do not stick together.  When you are not using these drip cakes as ornaments on the Christmas tree you want to be able to use them as say a desk top trinket holder or even as clever gift wrap idea.

Ice cream cone ornament boxes that look like they are melting.

Spill Some Paint on Drip Cake Ornaments

In order to get the look of the melted ice cream cake you need to spill a little craft paint.  I suggest watering your paint down just a little so that it runs better but is still opaque.  Start at the top with a puddle and let the paint organically drip down the sides of the box.  

Tip: You might need to tilt the boxes as your paint runs so that it does not leave a gap between the lid and box.  You can always touch up with a paint brush.

Box painted to look like a faux spilled ice cream cake in a pink Christmas tree.

Make the Faux Ice Cream Cone with Air Dry Clay

I used air dry clay as my faux ice cream.  Make sure to either use a color the exact same as the paint your just spilled or after the clay ball dries completely paint it the same color.  Make the ball slightly flat on one side and glue that surface to the top of the lid.

Spilled cake boxes with faux dripping ice cream cone ornaments.

Add a Cone to Your DIY Ice Cream Ornaments

Use a knife with a serrated blade to “trim” down the ice cream cones.  The size of the cone depends on the size of the scoop of ice cream which depends on the size cylindrical box you started with.  Since we are making ice cream ornaments I went small and needed to trim my cones so they were proportional.

Want to dry making a full sized DIY ice cream drip cake?  Check out my post How to Make a Halloween Themed Drip Cake Box.

Large pink Christmas tree decorated with DIY ice cream themed ornaments for National Ice Cream Day.

Decorate Your DIY Drip Cakes

All that is left to is decorate your spilled ice cream cakes.  Add whatever goodies you want: sprinkles, glitter, sequins and more.  This is the fun part of making these ice cream cone ornaments.  It’s like going to the ice cream parlor and choosing your toppings.  More is always better!

DIY spilled ice cream cake boxes in blue with pompoms.

Talk ice cream cake to me.  Have you ever made an actual edible drip cake?  I’ve never even tried one (to make or eat) maybe I need to add that to my bucket list.  After making so many faux spilled ice cream cakes seems like baking a real one would be no hill for a stepper.


Want more DIY ice cream cone ornament inspiration?  Keep reading!

Colorful drip cake inspired gift box by Jennifer Perkins

How to Make a Spilled Ice Cream Cake Trinket Box – This is the jumbo version of the DIY drip cake ornaments but this version has real sprinkles, wee fake candy and could double as the cutest gift box of all time.

DIY Clay Ice cream Cone Ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Christmas in July with Clay Ice Cream Cone Ornaments – The wonders of air dry clay never cease to amaze me.  Roll a sheet of clay and using an ice cream shaped cookie cutter make yourself a tree full of ornaments.

How to decorate an ice cream tree.

How to Decorate a Pink Christmas Tree for National Ice Cream Day – Do you really use placemats when you eat?  Ya, me neither.  I cut mine up and make them into DIY ice cream ornaments instead.



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