10 Kitschy and Crafty DIY Toy Dinosaur Ideas For Kids and Adults

Toy dinosaurs are a craft project waiting to happen.  Whether you paint your DIY dinosaur and strap a gift to his back or convert your T-Rex into a DIY succulent planter – those prehistoric plastic dudes are cute and handy.  

Make your own dinosaur gift card holder by Jennifer Perkins

Not just kids toys plenty of these DIY dinosaur ideas would be great for adults too.  I know I’d love to get a terrarium with a T-Rex as a gift. Grab a can of spray paint, raid the kids toy box and get ready to get inspired with some dinosaur crafts!

10 Kitschy and Crafty DIY Toy Dinosaur Ideas

DIY dinosaur eggs that kids can crack open by Jennifer Perkins

DIY Dinosaur Eggs– Kids will love cracking open these DIY dinosaur eggs.  Easy to make with little more than dirt and sand.  Originally an Easter project, but great all year long!

DIY Luggage Tags by Handmade Charlotte– If I said I didn’t love everything from Handmade Charlotte I’d be lying.  Intended for kids, but as an adult I can honestly say I adore these pastel, pompomed, dinosaur luggage tags.  

Dinosaur Gift Card Holders– If you are going to give a gift card, at least make the package cute.  These fun DIY dinosaur gift card holders are the epitome of kitschy crafts and that is exactly what I love about them.

Tea Rex Party by The Sweet Lulu Blog– I love a good pun and this ‘tea’ rex party fits the bill.  Seriously I want to have a tea party now just so I can paint toy dinosaurs pink and have them hold flowers.

How to turn a toy dinosaur into a DIY planter for Christmas by Jennifer Perkins

Kitschmas Toy Dinosaur Planter – nothing says Merry Kitshmas like this DIY dinosaur planter.  Instead of a succulent, these bright and colorful Brontosaurus has a Christmas tree stuck inside him.

Dinosaur Wall Hooks by Busy Bliss– What will you hang from these dinosaur wall hooks?  Hats on tails or leashes on long necks?  Don’t forget to complete this plastic toy hook project with some bright fun colors.

Freeze plastic toy dinosaurs into a block of ice - perfect for an ice dinosaur excavation. by Jennifer Perkins

Excavating Dinosaurs from Ice– Freeze plastic toys into a block for an afternoon of dinosaur ice excavation fun.  Try these frozen dinosaur eggs too!

DIY dinosaur terrarium.

Dinosaur Craft DIY Terrarium– A new spin on the oh-so-popular DIY dinosaur succulent planter, try a dinosaur terrarium instead!  Loving the layered colorful sand too.

Make your kids an interactive outdoor dinosaur garden. by Jennifer Perkins

Dinosaur Garden – You’ve heard of fairy gardens, but what about dinosaur gardens?  Create a fun interactive space with plants, sand, dirt and of course dinosaurs!  Like a giant dinosaur terrarium kids can play in!

DIY dinosaur bookends by Doodle Craft

Dinosaur Bookends – Reading is that much more fun with these adorable DIY dinosaur bookends from Doodle Craft.  Proving yet again that plastic toy dinosaurs are a great craft supply!

Hard to pick a favorite isn’t it?  Good thing nobody said you had to just pick one DIY dinosaur project!  Excuse me while I go spray paint some plastic stegosaurus. 


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