DIY Flannel and Felt Coffee Sleeve

Nothing says fall like a warm drink.  Hot chocolate bars, pumpkin spice latte or apple cider – pick your poison and then whip up a DIY flannel and felt coffee sleeve to match.  These coffee sleeves are so easy to make and can be as low sew as you want them.  All you need is an old flannel shirt or some felt scraps.

How to make an easy DIY flannel and felt coffee sleeve by Jennifer Perkins

The key to making these fabulous hot drink koozies is getting the size right.  Most disposable cups are a standard size, as our the cardboard coffee sleeves the coffee shop gives out.  Start with one of these as your “pattern” and from there the possibilities are endless.  Will you use flannel or felt?  Embroidered trim or plain? Stenciled leaf or decorative button?

Check out this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins for the complete how to of making your own coffee sleeve from an old flannel shirt.  I’ve got about a gazillion scarves I want to attack now for teacher gifts.  These really are simple to make and look oh so cute.

DIY Felt and Flannel Coffee Sleeves by Jennifer Perkins

I have a really important question for you before you go.  Do you spell koozie with a K or a C?  I’m asking for a friend.


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