Kitschy Christmas Card Holder With Darice and Vintage Vibes Galore

Wanna know a secret?  I like kitschy crafts.  Ok, that is not really a secret.  I like my Christmas crafts especially kitschy.  I don’t call it Kitschmas for nuthin’.  A staple of vintage Kitschmas crafts of yore are felt appliqués – tree skirts, stockings and wall decor.  This year I decided to get extra crafty and make one of my own.

*Please note this post is sponsored by Darice, but all opinions and love kitschy holiday crafts are my own.*

DIY Kitschmas card wall holder with a vintage vibe by Jennifer Perkins

This cutie patootie wall hanging looks like something I picked up at a flea market or thrift store, but guess what it is brand spanking new.  I made it just for this Christmas and the best part is you can make yourself one too.  Took me a morning hanging out with some felt and ball fringe, but whoa was it worth it!

Kitschy retro Christmas fabric

Everything started with this vintage Christmas fabric.  Ok, ok I know I said everything was new but the fabric is not.  HOWEVER there are tons of cute holiday fabrics to be found these days so choose your favorite and go from there.  My favorite holiday color combo is pink, red, white and green so I knew I wanted to make my hanging felt Christmas card holder in that color way.

Christmas craft supplies from Darice

Supplies for Making a Kitschy Christmas Card Holder

Laying out embroidery hoop pockets for Christmas card holder project.

DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Pockets

When Darice asked me to make a Christmas craft I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I have a wall hanging card holder that is vintage and says NOEL.  I love that thing, but alas the colors did not match this year’s holiday decor so I needed to make my own.

I decided to combine the original mid-century felt version with a fun embroidery hoop wall pocket project I have done before.

Step 1 – Make the Felt Background

The first thing I did was lay out the felt to make one continuous panel.  I knew my card holder would say JOY so I measured out the length of 3 hoops.  Using hot glue I connected the pieces.

Laying out felt for the background of a vintage inspired wall hanging Christmas card holder.

Step 2 – Everything is Better With Pompoms

As we all know pompoms make everything better and you can’t very well make a Kitschmas craft without some.  Using a hot glue gun add pompom fringe to the edges of the felt back panel.

Chipboard letters and white paint from Darice

Step 3 – Paint The Letters

My pockets were going to say JOY, the original felt card holder that inspired me says NOEL but yours can say anything your little heart desires.  Next, paint the chipboard letters white.

wooden embroidery hoops painted red for a hanging wall pocket craft project.

Step 4 – Paint the Embroidery Hoops Red

Wooden embroidery hoops come in so many sizes and even a few different shapes.  Each hoop is two parts – take apart the hoops and paint red.  Allow to dry.

How to stretch fabric and felt across embroidery hoops to create wall pocket.

Step 5 – Assemble the Wall Pockets

Start by placing your decorative fabric over the hoop without any hardware.  Next place a piece of felt halfway across that hoop.  Place the second hoop that has the hardware on top and tighten.  Turn over and trim away excess fabric and felt.  Add a band of hot glue where the fabric meets the hoop on the backside to make sure nothing slips.

DIY wall pockets for Christmas cards that say JOY made from embroidery hoops.

Step 6 – Add Chipboard Letters

Once the paint has dried on your chipboard letters you can add them to the felt pockets on your embroidery hoops with hot glue.

Kitschy vintage inspired Christmas card holder DIY by Jennifer Perkins

Step 7 – Add Wall Pockets to Felt

Using hot glue place the embroidery pockets onto the felt panel.  Add a small piece of twine to the back as a hanger.  Sit back and wait for the Christmas card to come rolling in!  You can use this adorable wall piece as an organizer for cards to send by filling the pockets with cards, envelopes and stamps or as a way to display the cards you receive. 

Let me know how you display your Christmas cards?  Have a crafty system I need to try out?


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