The Kind of DIY Cake Stand Terrarium That Kitschy Dreams Are Made Of

I’ve converted a lot of random things into planters and terrariums in my life (candle holders, drink pitchers, bird cages).  Almost anything with a glass top (cake stand included) can become a DIY terrarium when you really start to think about it.  I hadn’t baked a cake in forever and a day so it seemed like a waste to not use this adorable covered cake stand for something more clever.

Cake Stand Terrarium

When I laid eyes on this Oh Joy cake stand, I knew that it must be mine.  I adore the retro vibe and the sherbet color.  I had every intention of putting an actual cake aside, but as I mentioned that never actually happened.  A DIY cake stand terrarium seemed like the next best option.  Affiliate links ahead for Amazon, purchasing through these links helps supports this blog.

Cake Stand Terrarium

Cake Stand Terrarium

–  Cake stand (Think OhJoy! might be sold out, but Pioneer Woman has a cute option)
–  Glue
– Pink Aquarium gravel
– Decorative ribbon and trim
– Soil
– Scissors
Clear plastic plant saucer (make sure it is the same size as the cake stand)
– Paintbrush
– Gold glitter
– Succulents (try making foam or felt succulents if you have a brown thumb)
Cake Stand Terrarium
Some cake stands may have edges or rims deep enough that you can easily construct your terrarium.  Mine did not have a high enough lip and that is why I needed to use the clear plant saucer. Make sure you get a plant saucer that will fit inside your cake stand with the lid on.
Cake Stand Terrarium
Depending on the type of plants you use and whether or not you will be leaving the lid on most of the time or not will factor in to your soil situation.  For me I filled my clear plant tray with a combination of gravel and potting soil for cactus. If you don’t want to mess with that part, you could always just make your own DIY cardboard cactus.
 Cake Stand Terrarium
Aquarium gravel comes in tons of fun colors, including hot pink.  Go ahead and add that extra pop of color to your terrarium project.  I mean really is there such a think as a DIY cake stand terrarium with too much color?  I think not, opt for the pink.
 Cake Stand Terrarium
My next tattoo is going to say “Everything is better with pompom fringe” in Old English.  Ok maybe not, but it could and should because it is a stone cold fact.  Cover up the edges of the plant tray with some trims using craft glue.
 Cake Stand Terrarium
My poor children.  If I’m not stealing their dinosaurs to make gift wrap with it’s their toy tigers getting a glittered makeover.  Sorry kids, it was a good cause.
Cake Stand Terrarium
Use a small paint brush and coat the toy tiger with craft glue.  While the glue is still wet cover him it glitter.  Set aside to dry completely.  You might also consider some painted rocks to place inside.
 Cake Stand Terrarium
The last step is to do your planting.  Use small succulents, air plants and other terrarium friendly foliage.  Don’t forget the glittered tiger in the center.  Duh, it’s a cake stand terrarium people – go full kitsch or go home.
 Kitsch Cake Stand Terrarium by Jennifer Perkins
You know what?  I’m glad I never got around to baking that cake because a terrarium looks even better in the cake stand.  Perfect centerpiece for a baby shower, everyday home or kids room.
 Cake Stand Terrarium
DIY cake stand terrariums – who knew it was a thing and who knew it would turn out this cute.  Seriously start seeing everything as a possible planter and you will be surprised (I’m looking at your vintage barware, picture frames and jumbo Easter eggs).
 Cake Stand Terrarium
Enquiring minds want to know?  What is the weirdest thing you have ever turned into a planter or terrarium?  OK even if YOU didn’t’t make it, what is the kitschiest DIY terrarium or planter you have ever seen.

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