DIY Baskets – My Top Five Tutorials

14794639454_3c253d1154_o-2I have been trying to collect coiled baskets in hopes of creating a display on my bedroom wall.  These baskets can be spendy and hard to find so I decided to try and make my own.  I must say I’m pleased as punch with the results and plan to make a whole slew of these suckers.  Pop over to the I Love to Create blog to see my full tutorial about how to make your own.


One day I’ll have my very own polka dotted Pyrex bowl.  Until then I’m pleased as punch with the knock off I made myself.  Check out my tutorial here.


Recently I tried my hand at paper making.  It is super easy.  I made beads, paper tags and even this bowl.  It being summer and all I decided to paint my bowl to look like a watermelon.  With a face of course.  Check out my tutorial on BlogHer for how to make paper.



Recently I dyed sand for I Love to Create.  After I did that I wanted to take the project a step further so I took my dyed sand and made it into a bowl.  My full tutorial for dyed sand is here and the bowl instructions are here.


This one is actually a basket, an Easter basket to be exact – HOWEVER take off the handle and it is a bowl.  All you need is a few supplies like balloons and shredded paper.  Sounds fun right?  It is.  Check out the Recycled Easter Basket tutorial here.

I’ve made other baskets from yarn, clay and even vinyl records.  What is your favorite way to craft a bowl?



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