Did you really expect my house to look normal?

So you have taken tours of my studio and if you peeked at the book of Kitschy Crafts you could see my old living room and pink bathroom, but have you ever wanted to see my house in its complete entirety? The guest bedroom you would sleep in if you came to visit, the bowling trophies you would see in my Florida room and my grandmothers Electro Hygiene Vacuum – you know you are dying to see! Well now you can if you just pop over to Apartment Therapy for a tour of my casa and article on my home decorating sensibilities.

I’m a little scared for the response since with the preview article about my version of magazine storage the term wack-a-doo was already thrown out. If you have an Apartment Therapy account and of course if the looks of my humble abode tickle your fancy I would love you forever if you left a nice comment and took the virtual home tour. 49 whopping pictures of polka dot floors, beauty parlor chairs and Tiki Gods! Thanks tons to the amazing Adrienne Breaux of All Things Austin Design for taking a chance of my kitschy casa!

What home decorating blogs do you frequent? Are you as addicted to Top Design as I am? Do you covet your copies of Pad & My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living as much as I do? I do love me some wack-a-doo home decorating and as the article says “After all, I am the girl known for making jewelry out of plastic gnome cupcake toppers did you really expect my house to look normal?” that pretty much sums it up.

20 Responses to “Did you really expect my house to look normal?”

  1. julie • haute chocolate

    I love it! Have you ever gone to Antique Weekend in Warrenton? Rachel and I have been going together the past few years and we always find lots of great prizes. It seems like your kinda place.

    I also have my earrings displayed on pins like artwork in a colorful frame… only you seem to have quite a bit more than me in other places, too! Guess that comes with the business.


  2. Jesse

    ok – I posted, but didn’t mention that I’ve been to your house and to teh sunglasses dance parties and that it’s all fantastic. I’m so excited for you!! it looks amazing!

  3. Anna van Schurman

    I had that pink kitty earring holder when I was a kid! Wow. I had forgotten about that. 🙂 My house is totally minimalist, but I can certainly appreciate the look you’ve created. (And what’s more, I thought the magazine holder was brill.)

  4. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Jesse thanks for leaving a comment on Apartment Therapy, their readers will be none the wiser that we have danced after drinks with sunglasses on at night in the Florida Room many o’ times.

    Anna I love those old earring holders I just can’t pass them up when I see them. Most of my jewelry was not out for the photoshoot since I just recently moved into my new bedroom. A lot of the

  5. Peptogirl

    I love your style and left a comment over at AT too! I can’t believe I finally found someone with a larger jewelry collection that me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Jenny

    Your house is a total inspiration to me. I left a comment on AT for you too! I’ve been trying to clear out my clutter and try a more minimalist approach. But to heck with that – I’m totally busting out my sumo doll collection!

  7. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Hey Jenny I once read this interview with Mary Engelbreit who does Home Companion Magazine about over collecting. She moved into a new house and decided she would go for a minimalist look but said within a year her house was filled to the brim. I think those of us that love clutter feel uncomfortable in minimal spaces. A sumo doll collection sounds A-mazing!

  8. rachel • haute chocolate

    I have a beauty shop chair, too! Do you find that when people sit in it, they are inclined to pull the bonnet down and chill like they’re at the beauty parlor, gettin’ their hair did? My mom picked it up for me at a yard sale in Midland. I love your house…it’s eclectic but thoughtfully put together (my favorite combo)!

  9. Craftiness

    Ditto Marieke! Love the bowling ball collection* The colors in your kitchen spoke to me;) I’ve decided on vinyl for my new floors and after seeing your kitchen floor, I’m thinking bold….Thanks for sharing!

    I did take your business classes also and have made several changes. Thanks for the inspiration and the valuable info!!

  10. Sommer

    Love your home!! It reminds me of the Cha Cha Bracelet for some reason. 🙂
    The one room i don’t think we saw is your new baby room….any ideas yet…a theme?

    Can’t wait to see it too..


  11. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Sommer I totally see your point about the Cha Cha Bracelet, Maybe that is why I wear one almost every day!

    As for the nursery, we have not started so there is another bedroom plus my studio that did not make the photoshoot. Maybe when it is done I will enter it for a shoot on Ohdeedoh!

  12. Alisa Burke

    oohhh congrats on apartment therapy-your place is amazing!!! thanks for the comment- maybe someday soon I will teach in Austin and we can splatter paint together!! Let me know what happens with Seventeen- you rock Jen- thanks so much!!

  13. Sandy

    Wow – that was such fun to look at! You have such special collections. I could look at them for days and still find more to see. Love the colors, the kitsch, the ambiance of your home! TY for letting me visit.


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