Decorating for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and there is home decorating to be done! I have had my Valentine’s Decor up since the end of January and the thought of taking it down makes me a little sad. I’m keeping it up at least through the end of February and the only thing that will ease my pain is replacing it promptly with my Easter decor.

I am a sucker for seasonal picture frames. Target usually manages to take a nice chunk of change from me every holiday. This is a picture of Tallulah from last Valentine’s Day.

Many many Valentine’s ago Chris and I both got each other piggy banks. Chris painted a ceramic pig and I decoupaged a giant jar of pickles. Chris does not like candy, hence the pickels. The jar has since been converted into another piggy bank.

Ever since Halloween I have been slightly obsessed with color coordinating the books on the top shelf in my living room. Luckily, I have lots of pink and red books.

There is a spot in my dining room that gets rearranged probably more than anywhere else in the entire house. It is where we all sit and eat so I think it’s important to keep it fun and festive.

I like to move around parts of my various collections like radios, thermos and glass ashtrays to suit my holiday decor whims. Who knew I had so many red and pink radios. I know there is more in the attic somewhere, but Chris could not find them and he wouldn’t let my pregnant butt up there to look myself. Next year watch out!

Are you doing any fancy decorating for Valentine’s Day? I’m always surprised about the lack of Valentine’s decor available, must not be a very popular holiday to decorate for. Even vintage Valentine goodies are hard to find. Guess I will have to start making more of own.

4 Responses to “Decorating for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Anne Marie – thanks I found him at the thrift store. Recently a friend and her older kid came over and I had to hide him because he was too scary. His big heart seemed so Valentines-ish to me.

    Pattie I love Tease. I played with Ping Pong Balls for that book.

  2. Jenny

    Great idea to put up different color books. Love all the pictures and the cards. I love decorating for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!


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