Decorating for the 4th of July – Red, White, Blue and Kitsch



I was starting to get itchy to decorate during this long stretch between Easter and Halloween.  It was breaking my heart to think of my 100+ trees sitting lonely in the attic.  Sure, there have been a few trees here and there for summer, Mother’s Day and Cinco de Mayo but I needed a big holiday fix.  I needed a garland on the mantle, mini trees, pinwheels and a tree topper made of presidential spoons.  I needed to go big or go home for my 4th of July decor.




One of the reasons I bought my current house (ya know besides the giant swimming pool and good schools) was that there was a Christmas tree nook.  I knew it was a sign that I was meant to keep that nook adorned with a seasonal tree year round.  I have kept good on my promise for over 2 years.



I think my living room with the navy couch lends it’s self to the patriotic look.  I mean come on, I have a bench with the US flag on it the room all year long.



Head over to the Treetopia blog where you can see more of my patriotic decor and also score your own Winter White Tree and Garland.

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