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Its time for a roundup of some things I have spied happening around the internet recently. A contest here a raffle there plus some interesting things to read. I thought I would sprinkle this post with pictures of the 25 new hair clips I added to Naughty Secretary Club over the weekend. And you thought all I did was frolic with the new puppy all the day long.

First up I received an update from Faythe at Handmade Nation about the progress of the film and the accompanying book. I’m so excited to be included in both I can hardly wait for them to come out! To help support their efforts the ladies have an Etsy store as well as a monthly raffle so it would be more than awesome if you checked out both!

The March Raffle includes:
I Heart Felt book, Handmade Nation T-Shirt (you pick size), Handmade Nation Pocket Mirror, 3 Sublime Stitching iron-on transfers, one skein Handspun Yarn from yarnpunk!!

Tickets cost $2, one winner will be selected at random from entries. Enter as many times as you want, winners will be announced the last week of March and the package will ship thereafter. All proceeds will go towards production cost for film.

Also the film is in the editing stages and expected for a 2009 release and Handmade Nation the book is in the design edit phase. In April look for Faythe in Pittsburgh participating in the “Women in the Arts” symposium. Also keep your ears open for news about a silent art auction in Los Angeles in conjunction with Poketo this summer…….

Wow that is a lot of Handmade Nation gossip that gets me super excited. The ladies have come down to Austin for Stitch twice now so we can’t wait to see the film and read the book!

Speaking of Poketo this reminds me of Ponoko. Tammy Powley from my lovely Bead Blogging gang mentioned it the other day on our yahoo boards and I went to their website. All someone needs to say is jewelry design contest and I am somewhat interested. I gather the site is like Etsy in a sense, but not only do they help you sell things they help you make it as well. From what I can tell this is a website where you design your image and they will cut it out for you of acrylic or wood: name plates, guns, deers and more have been making the scene for awhile now. I’m curious if anyone has used this site and what the prices and finished products are like.

While we are on the topic of contests Rachel over at Average Jane Crafter wrote to let me know that Diane at Crafty Pod is having herself a little jewelry related contest. Enter to win yourself a free copy of Bead Style Magazine. You can never have too many periodicals or inspiration lying around your house is my motto. Diane also mentions the Bead and Button show that I have always toyed with the idea of attending. Has anyone ever been? I actually don’t use beads very often, but if they are plastic and vintage I would make an exception.

Last but not least via the Richmond Craft Mafia I got let onto a new magazine that sounds interesting called DIY City Mag. The first issue is all about NYC and all that is Indie and DIY there. They have an online community where you can plug your city and maybe a future issue will be all about your hometown. I’m gonna stop by and put in a good word for Austin.

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  1. Dave

    Imagine me reading your post, then seeing the robot clips- insert cartoon brake screeching sound!
    Holy all things dorky sci fi 80’s!
    That’s V.I.N.C.E.N.T. from THE BLACK HOLE! I loved that movie!


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