Cut Out + Keep Crafty Superstars!

Man the holidays can sure suck up a girls time. Chris has been home from work so I have made him get into the nesting swing of things with me and we have been cleaning out kitchen cabinets, rounding things up for Goodwill and doing all around house maintenance – washing the windows is next. I’m still feeling the needle arts and have been embroidering little outfits for my niece’s Christmas gifts and Vickie taught me a new crochet stitch which I have been making into a baby blanket. Then there is the new marketing book pitch I need to have in to my editor by January 1st, so there has been a lot of writing going on. That being said I don’t have a whole lot of new fun stuff to tell or report.

One fun thing is a new interview I did for Cut Out + Keep. Not only an interview they are revealing a different project from The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry every day for 5 days! Get a sneak peak at projects like brooches made from old neckties, learn how to use a Melting Pot, cast resin and more!

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  1. Holly R.

    YAY! I am so happy to have a preview of your book! It looks awesome. I am going to attempt the cast resin bracelet tomorrow… I found a silicone mould that are perfect squares.. do you think that will work? Thanks for sharing you wonderful ideas with us!



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