Creative Pep Talk – Inspiration From 50 Artists

A review and giveaway of Creative Pep Talk.

I have no idea how I found Andy J. Miller or his Creative Pep Talks, but I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did.  The podcast description says they are geared at illustrators and graphic designers but I’m here to tell you this crafter and aspiring painter finds the episodes endlessly inspiring.  When I got wind there was a companion book coming out from Chronicle Books called Creative Pep Talk – Inspiration From 50 Artists (Please note this post has Amazon affiliate links.) I was all over it.  I want you to be all over it.  Need a little inspiration in the form of a gorgeous illustration reminding you to be brave, burn brite and that done is better than none?  Lucky for you I have an extra copy of the book I’m giving away PLUS a package of Sakura of America Paint Pens.  Just leave a comment on this post.  In the meantime, read on about why you need more creative pep in your life.

Quote from Creative Pep Talk.

Creative Pep Talk offers illustrated words of wisdom from 50 of today’s leading creative professionals.  So many artists I love and admire are quoted in this book.  Helen Dardik hung in my son’s nursery and I’ve converted her coloring book pages into onesies.  I’ve had the pleasure of having the amazing Kate Bingaman-Burt illustrate my name for the Handmade Nation Book and even draw my favorite Abe Lincoln planter as part of her Other People’s Plants series.  Years ago I bought some monsters on wood from Tad Carpenter that still hangs on my gallery wall.  I’ve made felt jewelry from the pages of Iron Me On by Mike Perry.  Not long ago I gave away and reviewed a couple of books by Sarah Walsh entitled 50 Things to Draw with a Circle and 50 Things to Draw With a Triangle.  Then there is Mr. Andy J. Miller – the author and host of my favorite podcast.  

As I mentioned I’m not sure how I found the Creative Pep Talk podcast that put the wheels in motion for this awesome book.  I just started painting a few years ago, I have no intention of becoming an illustrator and I don’t even have Photoshop.  However, there is something about the excitement for the creative process that Andy and his guests convey that I love.  I always feel inspired after a listen and now even more so after reading the pearls of wisdom in the Creative Pep Talk book.  The illustrators profiled have all been podcast guests.  There is a blurb from the artist and then an illustrated nugget of creative pep.  My favorite is from fellow Austinite Will Bryant who’s illustration reads: “I make stuff because I get sad if I don’t”.  My grandma used to talk about her flatulence by saying “you’ve got to let it out or you’ll get sick”.  I’ve always thought of creativity that way.  I get sad or sick if I don’t create something every day.

Every artist needs a little pep talk now and then. This book is inspiring to read and beautiful to look at so it’s like a two for one special for any creative. Creative Pep Talk the podcast and now the book encourages artists to stay excited, experiment boldly, and conquer fear. “Create curiosity,” “Learn to say no,” and “If you can’t be good, be different” are just a few of the motivational maxims in this visually rich collection that’s perfect for students, designers, artists, and creatives at any stage in their careers.  I have a feeling this book will be hanging out on my coffee table for a LONG time to come.  Want one for your coffee table?  How about some awesome Sakura of America Pen Touch Paint Markers too?  I love these things and use them ALL the time in my art.  Oh speaking of Jennifer Perkins Art, let’s throw in some of that too.

Win a copy of Creative Pep Talk.

Leave me a comment and in one week I will choose a winner for a copy of Creative Pep Talk by Andy J. Miller, a set of Sakura of America Pentouch Paint Markers and a piece of Jennifer Perkins Art and a Texanna Enamel Pin!  Tell me something that gives you creative pep.  Is there a song you listen to, show you watch, artist you admire or trail in the woods that puts paint to paper for you?  

***Please note I was given this book and paint markers for free, but all opinions are my own.  I seriously listen to this podcast, drool over the book and use the markers on the reg.***

Want more…

Hand painted jewelry by Jennifer Perkins.

Wearable Art – After your creativity gets a pep talk and you win those sweet paint markers you can make your art into jewelry like I did!

Bike Helmet – If you win that set of Pentouch Markers you could paint a custom bike helmet like I did!

How to customize a planter with gel pens.

Air Plant Vessels – Another great way to use those pens after you are feeling inspired is decorating a planter.  Don’t forget the give away is also for a piece in my Jennifer Perkins Art Bingo Babes series!



20 Responses to “Creative Pep Talk – Inspiration From 50 Artists”

  1. Jennifer

    I hadn’t heard of Creative Pep Talk until just now and I am in love! Switching up hobbies gives me creative pep. Lately I’ve been alternating between crochet pattern designing and watercolor painting – those leaps back and forth from 2D to 3D have solved a lot of creative problems. =)

  2. Kristi

    I love your quirky style and art! I just promised myself I would try to create something every day – even just a small doodle in my journal…these things would definitely help inspire!

  3. JJ

    You are so talented and inspiring! Thank you for all your DIY shows and opening your house to us!

  4. Nicole Reynaud

    I love your creative style so much!!! Everything so bright and colorful and artsy. I just love all the day ideas.

  5. Stacia R

    I love your blog, I get very inspired when I read your posts. Creative Pep Talk sounds like a very intertesting book that I would love to get my hands on.

    • Jennifer

      Hey Stacia – just sent you an email. You are the lucky ducky. Let me know your address and I’ll send you some loot!

  6. Debbe Giannone Mahoney

    My husband and I downsized to Florida, and I lost my craft workshop. My primary work has been dollhouses, and metalsmithing, most crafts interest me.I was like you are, if I didn’t do something creative I got edgy/depressed you name it. Sometimes I would watch a segment from tv and I would just have to try it, even if it was only once. Needless to say, you gather a lot of supplies that way $$$. I didn’t need any thing to spur me on, but I would blast Bowie or have an old classic movie on the tv. Lol. But with this move I have done nothing at all, I can’t get motivated with no space to work and it’s been miserable. My enjoyment has been watching craft and painting shows on tv and facebook. Gotta get myself out of this rut.

    • Jennifer

      I hope you check it out. It’s one of the few I listen to regularly.

  7. Jeanne

    Love, love, LOVE the bike helmet idea! My little artist Grand-daughter would enjoy making one.

  8. Heather

    I had not heard about Creative Pep Talk – thank you for sharing it! Subscribing to the feed so that I don’t miss a single episode!

  9. Marty

    Hadn’t heard if you nor Creative Pep Talk until linking via while She Naps… So glad I have now! My favorite creative inspiration from viewing museum collections with items that have designs from people living in the 1600s-1920s. I like to spend vacation time viewing and getting images which help me later adapt a bit of motifs for quilting; I’m always amazed at older hand crafted quality goods made with no tech tools.


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