Creating a Paper Trail for Your Craft Business – Win a Set of Moo Cards!

I have loved Moo Cards from a far for a long time. What is a moo card you ask? Moo Cards is a unique company that prints business cards, stickers, postcards and more. Sure business cards are a dime a dozen, but I have long coveted their mini cards. Think beyond business cards, these beauties would make great hang tags for your products at a craft show. If you are in the market for a business card don’t embarrass yourself and handout something with a perforated edge that you printed out in ‘draft’ on your home printer, invest in a swanky moo card with rounded edges. Moo cards take business cards to an all new level and today you can win your own. Whether you are looking for postcards, price tags or business cards Moo Cards has several fabulous options. In a sea of rectangles why not set yourself apart. I know I plan on ordering a set for myself.

As a crafter it is so important to have a well branded paper trail. Once you have yourself a stellar logo why not show it off with stickers, business cards, postcards, hangtags and more. More than once have I been to a craft fair and come home to blog about my scores only to discover that one or more of my items was not marked at all. If there is not a tag on your item, postcard in my bag or free business card to pick up on your vending table how am I going to tell everyone about the fabulous jewelry, soap or onesies you made?

Also, logos are not everything. My business cards contain my email, website, phone number, picture and po box. When I order my set of Moo Cards I am going to update and add a few things like my other ventures including BlogHer and Etsy as well as a tag line or slogan explaining what Naughty Secretary Club is. If you have a business like mine where your company name is not self explanatory about what it is you do (like if you use your name) a small one sentence that says you craft, blog, knit or what have you is helpful. Think of when you hand out business cards most often. For me it is typically in situations where there are 150 other vendors or at a convention where someone can collect several dozen cards in a day. Make your card stand out with something like rounded edges and make it easy for people to remember you and what it is your make or do.

Moo Cards is giving away 3 sets of 100 business cards PLUS the grand prize winner also gets a set of 20 postcards! I love it. Leave me a comment and you could be handing out some swanky new business cards in no time!

***I was compensated in free business cards for this post***

28 Responses to “Creating a Paper Trail for Your Craft Business – Win a Set of Moo Cards!”

  1. Stacey - Total City Girl

    I've been wanting to try Moo Cards for a while now for both a business card (to showcase my photography) as well as for packaging for my photography and design biz. Love the idea of the rounded corners!

  2. WireMySoul

    I've loved them from afar for a long time too, Jennifer! I especially love to see what people are doing with them, like beaded hang tags and scratch-and-win cards. Very cool. I'd love to win some!

  3. Mary Ellen

    I've been ogling these for ages too! I've been somewhat unsure how to use them myself, but now you've started an avalanche of ideas.


  4. Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

    I would love to win Moo Cards for my business. I have been meaning to get some and this would make it happen right away. Love the idea of being able to add many different photos to the cards. They can become like mini trading cards that way!

  5. Katie

    I adore Moo! And the chance to get my own set of cards would be awesome – they have so many great uses even beyond business cards. And I love the stickers!

  6. Lena

    That is soo cool. They are really cute. What an excellent idea to promote your business.

  7. Kelly Myers

    I saw some Moo Cards at a craft show recently and I was impressed with both the paper quality and the ink/color/print quality!!

    I'd like to get some made for my husband's business as his current cards are dull, dull, dull. 🙂

  8. Michele Littlefield

    I love Moo cards. I would love to win the giveaway. The name reminds me of my favorite joke.

    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Interupting cow

    Cracks me up everytime. :0)

  9. vintagevixenarts

    Yep, I have been having biz card envy over Moo card's! So I say yes please! And slap me some awesome sticker's too! So happy they thought outside the!!

  10. Frances

    Good Spring Morning to ya! I would love to win some of these amazing cards. Thanks for the great give away, I always enjoy stopping by to visit your sweet blog.

  11. Anonymous

    I have never seen these cards until your site and I am impressed. I am disabled and on a very limited budget so I have been making my business cards with stock paper and ink drawings, as you can imagine it is time consuming so it takes away time to create the jewelry I craft. I would love to have a chance to win these and have more time for my jewelry. I truly hope you consider me for this

  12. Marge Darkis-Phegley

    I design and create custom jewelry and all of my business is word of mouth, It would be a wonderful addition to my very small business if I could hand out a card instead of writing my name and number for each potential customer. Being on disability I have never had the extra money to even consider this as an option, I would love to have this opportunity.
    Thank you.


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