CraftyPod: Market Your Craft Online, with Jennifer Perkins

Looking for something fun and informative to listen to today? Well check out the pod cast I did with the lovely Diane Gilleland of CraftyPod. We chat about marketing your online business.

If you live in Austin don’t forget you can hear me go on and on about marketing in my 3 part business class. They start next week at Craft-o-Rama!

I am teaching 5 classes this month at Craft-o-Rama. Call (512-707-2405) or email Craft-o-rama in Austin to sign up for the new batch.

Collage Cuties Class: Tues. 10/16 6:30pm-8:30pm
Love what you see on the scrap booking aisle, but don’t care a thing about it? Incorporate all the fun papers into your jewelry! In this class you will make a bangle bracelet, large disc earrings and necklace using paper and decoupage medium. Learn to look at pictures in magazines, junk mail, wrapping paper and more in a whole new way. Feel free to bring any paper you would like to class, but Jen will also bring a large stash of her collage curios like vintage wrapping paper, wall paper, book illustrations, old cards and more for you to choose from as well as jewelry supplies and decoupage medium. Fee is $40.

Charm Bracelet and Earring Class: Sat. 10/25 11am-1pm
Learn the fundamentals of jewelry making while whipping up your own one of a kind Revamped Vintage Charm Bracelet, and matching earrings. This fun and informative 2 hour class will cover the basics of jewelry making like the difference between head and eye pins, wire wrapping, and how to open and close a jump ring. Class supplies include everything you need to make your charm bracelet and earrings including a giant assortment of vintage beads and charms from the Naughty Secretary Club stash for you to choose from! You will need flat and round nosed pliers as well as wire trimmers for this class. You will be able to buy a set from the instructor on day of class as well for an additional $10. Fee: $40 and includes materials.

Starting Your Small Business
Tues 10/14 7PM-8:30PM

Did you know you could have your own craft business up and running in under an hour? Signing up for Etsy is that easy. Or do you think a traditional website is the right angle for you? May take a little longer, but it is not a whole lot trickier. Once you have your business all set up the next steps are letting the world know, networking and making some sales. This 1.5 hour long class will you give the run down on getting started! Fee: $30

Marketing Your Business
Tues 10/21 7PM-8:30PM

The success of your business is 40% what you make and 60% how you market it. Not yet signed up for Twitter? Don’t have a blog? Not swapping swag with other crafters? You could be missing out on easy, crucial and often free ways to promote your crafty business. Whether you knit booties or solder jewelry this class will help you understand the best avenues to market your small business. Fee: $30

Taking Your Business to the Next Level
Tues 10/28 7PM-8:30PM

Things are running along smoothly with your small crafty business, but you want to know what else the world has to offer. How do people get product lines, book deals and TV shows? There is no secret formula, but Jennifer Perkins has experience in all three areas and will tell you what she knows. Fee: $30

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  1. Karen

    I wish that I lived in Austin, these classes that you are offering are exactly what i am looking for (but I live in California), darn.


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