Crafty News: Podcasts, Books, Interviews and Parties!

I woke up at 6am today and could not fall back asleep. Since I am so stressed and anxious from everything any little noise or movement wakes me up in the night and the minute it does there goes my brain “did you send Etsy those pictures for the front page, did you confirm free smart water at the party, did you mail those tickets, did you mail that girl her necklace”. Chris must have been thirsty because this morning he got out bed to fix himself a glass of water and the running tap woke me up and that was it. Among other things this morning I did catch up on a few blogs to see what I have been missing in the crafty world. There are a few items of fun hot gossip I read about. Some I have known about and forgot to mention, other bits are news to me…

My dear friend and Stitch webcast host Vickie Howell launches her new podcast series Craft, Rock, Listen today. The premiere episode is with Kathy Cano Murillo, so you know it is going to be good. Other guests this fall include Will Forte (Saturday Night Live), Debbie Stoller (Bust Magazine), Kelly Deal (The Breeders) and Me. That’s right I will be chatting about “Bringing Home the Crafty Bacon” on the 29th of Nov.

Speaking of Kathy Cano Murillo have you been watching she and Pattie Donham over at Lifetime TV’s website? Kathy is a Craft Lab regular and Pattie is crafty as all get out so I know their how-to crafty videos are awesome.

I spent quite a bit of time on Design Sponge reading all the interviews this morning. Susan Beal, who is so crafty and busy it makes my head spin, has a really juicy interview up (thanks for the shout out Susan you are one of my fave Craft Lab guests). Another interview was with Cinnamon of the Chicago Craft Mafia. Both girls and the Handmade Nation book were on my mind this weekend. I was helping Faythe with a Craft Mafia time line for the book and mentioned that the Chicago branch was one of the earliest members. I also did an interview with Susan for the book this weekend about Stitch for the chapter on craft shows.

More about Susan and books. Last year Susan asked me to contribute a project for her book Bead Simple: Essential Techniques for Making Jewelry Just the Way You Want It. Well according to West Coast Crafty the book is coming out in March, but you can pre-order it now. Susan did 50 beading projects and then got a few of her friends to contribute. I did a crazy button and charm bracelet. Check out the list of other contributors.

Another book I am looking forward to seeing that you can also get through Amazon is Working for the Man: Inspiring and Subversive Projects for Residents of Cubicle Land by Jeffrey Yamaguchi. Jeffrey also wrote 52 Projects: Random Acts of Everyday Creativity and runs a blog by the same name. I have seen an advance copy and the book is a giggler (look for a blurb from me on the back). When Naughty Secretary Club: Jewelry for the Working Girl comes out Amazon should sell them as a package deal.

If you live in Austin and are looking for something to do tonight, please see the above flyer. My girls over at Parts and Labour are hosting themselves a party for Pacific Design. Check out new lap top cases by Project Runway’s Chloe Dao and Austin’s own Kara Whitten, AKA Kailo Chic. I find it amusing that since Bradley Baumkirchner is going to be here next weekend for Stitch we will have two Project Runway alums in Austin within days of each other. If you can’t make it to the party tonight, Kailo Chic will have a booth at Stitch next weekend. She also made some our 500 free goodie bags!

Ok mommy needs to jump in the ball washer if I am going to actually go out into public today, I am looking pretty rough from all this working at home. I have to go to the studio to read voice over for Craft Lab here in a bit then need to run errands before the Parts and Labour party tonight.

6 Responses to “Crafty News: Podcasts, Books, Interviews and Parties!”

  1. miss vintage love

    “any little noise or movement wakes me up in the night and the minute it does there goes my brain “did you send Etsy those pictures for the front page, did you confirm free smart water at the party, did you mail those tickets, did you mail that girl her necklace”

    Haha, thats exactly me! I swear my brain doesnt like to sleep, its constantly on full speed.

  2. susan b.

    Thanks so much for your nice words about Bead Simple, Jennifer! And thanks for the awesome interview too. I’m so excited about Handmade Nation.

    Good luck with Stitch and everything else! Can’t wait to see photos and hear all about it 🙂

  3. Jeffrey Yamaguchi

    Jennifer, thanks so much for the blurb on the Working For the Man book, such a huge honor coming from such an amazing project-maker, and thanks for mentioning the book on your awesome blog. Best, JY.


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