Calling All Plant Ladies – Craft a DIY Cactus From Cardboard!

Who does not love a good cactus craft?  They are on trend and these DIY cactus never prick you!  Better yet this crafty version is a cardboard cactus so it is recycled!  PLUS these projects are stylish enough to appeal to adults, but easy enough for kids to make too. The hardest part is deciding which type of cactus you will make.

DIY Cardboard Cactus by Jennifer Perkins

I’ve got two different types of cactus crafts to share – a DIY saguaro cactus and a cardboard prickly pear complete with toothpick spikes.  Both cardboard cacti are adorable and better yet can’t be killed no matter how brown your thumb is!

DIY This With Jennifer Perkins – Cardboard Cactus Craft   Check out the how-to video I did for DIY Network all about making cardboard cactus!  Also, don’t forget the episode where I made Faux Felt Succulents and also the episode where I did rolling pin printing with a saguaro cactus motif

DIY Cardboard Cactus Craft

Cardboard Cactus Supplies by Jennifer Perkins

Step 1 – Paint cardboard with green craft paint.

DIY Cardboard Prickly Pear Cactus by Jennifer Perkins

Step 2 – Cut out your cardboard cactus pieces.  For the DIY saguaro cactus you will need two pieces of cardboard. For the prickly pear cactus craft you might include several paddles.  The shape, size or paddle number of your cactus project really depends on you and how much cardboard you have on hand.

Cardboard Cactus pieces by Jennifer Perkins

Step 3 – Cut slits in the top and bottom of the saguaro cactus pieces.  The cardboard cactus will fit together like a puzzle with the slits connecting them.  This is what gives your DIY cactus dimension and makes it 3D.

Cardboard Cactus Paddles by Jennifer Perkins

Step 4 – Add painted accents to resemble cactus spikes using a lighter shade of green paint.  This pattern can be completely random.  For the prickly pear DIY cactus use the tips of toothpicks for spikes.  With a dab of glue poke the toothpick between the pieces of cardboard cactus paddles.   Add pompoms or flowers as accents on top.  As we know, all things are better with pompoms.

Cardboard Cactus Foam Base by Jennifer Perkins

Step 5 – Glue foam into the bottom of a pot with a slit to hold the cardboard cactus in place.  Once the pieces of your DIY cactus are assembled place them inside the pot and anchor into the foam with hot glue.  The foam and glue make sure the cactus craft you just worked so hard on stays up right and does not tip over.  Cover the foam with rocks or more pompoms.

How to make a cardboard cactus by Jennifer Perkins

Step 6 – Assemble your cactus and display.  No watering necessary and better yet this cardboard cactus craft will never die even if you forget to water it.  Which I hope you do, since you know it’s cardboard and all.

Feeling on a faux cactus craft roll?  Check out these painted cactus rocks too!

Easy DIY Cardboard Cactus by Jennifer Perkins

Which crafty cactus style is your favorite?  Team saguaro or prickly pear?  It’s a hard choice, you might as well make both.


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